On Dead Waves | Electronic Sound Magazine | Issue 21

On Dead Waves for Electronic Sound


On Dead Waves is the absolutely amazing collaboration between Polly Scattergood and James Chapman (Maps).  Together they create the most amazing music… I like to say it is the Natural Born Killers sound track come to life.  It’s beautiful, it’s haunting, and it’s amazing.


I was asked by Electronic Sound magazine to meet with On Dead Waves before a show and capture some images of them for a feature in the magazine.  This was also going to be for Electronic Sound Magazines return to print, which was super exciting!  We met at the venue, Birthday’s in Dalston, a couple of hours before their show and set about creating something awesome.  I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to capture heading into this shoot, but I did have a basic theme in mind.  The theme that I wanted to capture was that of an unlikely collaboration and also separation.  The music of Polly and Maps, individually, are fairly different and it’s not a collaboration that you would expect, and I wanted to try and get something that would show the “distance” and “separation”.


The label rep from Mute came along for a portion of the shoot, and she knew someone that owned a cafe down the street, so that is where we headed first.  I knew instantly that we were going to be able to get something awesome once we stepped into the cafe.  A lot of my favourite shots from the shoot were taken here, and a lot of them were done a little different than I normally shoot.  Some were shot purely in available light with no added flash… this is unusual for me!!!


Once we were done in the cafe, I wanted to get a few shots outside.  We had a great sky and I definitely wanted to use that while we could.  Then we saw some rather cool looking shutters on a corner shop that went around the corner and they were perfect!  Since they went around the corner, they allowed me to separate them and maintain a common element through the image as well.


After that, we headed back and I stuck around for the show…which was amazing.  Once of the coolest, unique bands I have seen in a long time.  Definitely check them out.


Tear Sheets:



Below are the tear sheets as they appeared in Electronic Sound.








The Images:

And here are some of my favourite images from the shoot in their full glory.  😀








This was a great day/night all around.  Polly and James were amazing to work with, and got behind the concept of the shoot completely.  Seeing the show afterwards was the icing on the cake as they were brilliant.


The Selfie:


As usual, here is my post shoot selfie with On Dead Waves.




For this shoot I used my Fuji X-T2, and I think this was only the second or third shoot that I did with this camera.  Everything was shot using the 16-55 2.8.  The cafe shot was all available light and the others were using one Elinchrom Quadra Ranger through a large octobox.