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Conceptual Advertising Photography – Personal Project


I am calling this one a personal project, but that is not completely true.  It wasn’t for a commission, but it was created during a training workshop I was teaching at.  Every year I host a couple of master classes and superclasses at The Societies annual convention in January.  This last January (2015), I was holding a super class on composites, how to plan and create them.  Whenever I do classes like this, whether it is smart of not, I like to challenge myself to create something different than what I have previously.  This is one of the great things about composites, they allow you to create anything that you can visualise in your mind.


With this class I wanted to create something involving levitation, but I wanted it to fit with advertising photography at the same time.  I also wanted to make sure, in order for it to fit as advertising photography, that it had a message or meaning.  With this in mind, I went a little controversial with the message.  I wanted to talk about domestic abuse, both mentally and physically.  I wanted to portray the male character as “all powerful” in his control over his spouse, even in a situation where it looks like they should be having a fun time going out for the evening.  This is why he is casually reading a newspaper while controlling her, albeit with supernatural powers.  But, I think that it needed that extreme visual element to drive the message home.


The Image:


When I create images in a class environment it presents a lot of challenges, that I firmly embrace and relish.  I need to talk through the idea, the plan, shoot the images, and then edit it all together, whilst talking through everything that I do… and do it all in 4 hours.  One of the reasons I love this so much, is that quite often with advertising photography the time constraints can be quite similar.


Below is the image that we created on the day.




Creating this image was a little easier than you might think that it was.  It’s all down to proper planning and ensuring that everything is shot from the same perspective and lighting.  Then it’s just a matter of putting it all together in photoshop.  I really love this image and hope you do as well!