What I’m Listening To | Week 1 | Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Seeing as how I mostly photograph the music industry, and have a massive love of music, I thought it might be fun to share with everyone what I listen to on a weekly basis while I work.  The reasons that I decided to do this is two fold.  One, I have an extremely massive range of musical tastes…there probably isn’t anything I don’t like or don’t listen to.  Two:  People may offer up some suggestions of new things to check out!


Seeing as this is the first week, I will give a run down of how this will work.  I tend to go through “moods” of music more than I go through genre’s or artists themselves.  These moods do seem to be set for the entire week and that is what each week is going to focus on.  The mood is usually dictated by a couple of things.  How busy the week ahead is and what sort of work that I have to do for the week.  By the time Friday comes, I will have this post ready for you each week.


Here is the embedded playlist for this week:

And a link directly to the playlist:  https://open.spotify.com/user/gnrfairbairn/playlist/5d0aR1X5nmzDf4DwZelm1L

Lazy Sunday Afternoon:

That is the only way I can really describe the mood of this weeks music.  Last week was insanely busy and heading into this week I needed something calm and relaxing that could just play in the background.  The playlist can best be describes as music you would listen to on a lazy sunday afternoon.


The Bands:

The playlist for this weeks is made up of bands from a couple of different genre’s, but they all fit the mood.



First up is one of my all time favourite bands, Hepcat.  Hepcat are a ska band with a heavy jazz and reggae influence signed to Hellcat Records (which I also recommend checking out their artists).  Sadly Spotify doesn’t have their best album Scientific, so if you want to check that you you can here.

Highlights for me that ARE on spotify are No Worries, Mamma Used to Say, and The Secret.  If you listen to Scientific there are so many good songs.  Dollar Dance and Bobby and Joe being a couple of my favourites.


The Aggrolites:

Following on with the jazzy ska theme is the Aggrolites.   The Aggrolites are also signed to the amazing Hellcat Records and stick with the jazz and reggae influenced, mellow ska.

Highlights for me are Funky Fire, Heavier Than Lead, and Feelin’ Alright.


The Ethiopians:

The Ehtiopians are a much, much older band from the 60’s.  They are responsible for a number of classic tracks that have since been covered by a number of other ska bands.

Highlights are the obvious Train To Skaville which has been covered by both Hepcat and The Aggrolites and all three versions are on the playlist.  Besides that I would recommend Everything Crash and Love Jah.  You won’t be disappointed if you like reggae, ska, rocksteady, etc.



Moving on from ska we now approach some different genres all together, but they still fit with the lazy sunday afternoon vibe.

First on this is the amazing Browlin.  Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of Browlin…yet.  You will.  Browlin describes his music as “Wild West Indie Funk”, and I would say that’s a pretty damn good description.  When I first heard it I thought it was Spaghetti Western inspired Indie music…which I suppose is not far off the wild west indie funk description.

Highlights for me are Border, All My Days, and Death in Mexico.


Mariachi El Bronx:

A band that I can’t stop listening to lately is Mariachi El Bronx.  Mariachi El Bronx, currently signed to ATO Records,  are pretty much what they say they are… Mariachi influenced music by the guys from The Bronx.

Highlights are 48 Roses, Holy, and Fallen.  To be honest though, there isn’t a bad song from these guys!


New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble:

Moving back into the ska influenced music is another one of my favourite bands, the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble.  The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble is a sort of ska super group.  With members coming from The Toasters, The Skatalites, and The Scofflaws… as well as others.  They are the perfect lazy sunday afternoon band.

Highlights are Prime Suspect, Haitian Fight Song, and Teardrops From my Eyes.  Obviously there is a lot more with such a HUGE catalogue of music.  What’s interesting is that the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble are the perfect Sunday afternoon music… the individual bands, all of which I love as well, though aren’t.  They are great ska bands in their own rights, but much more upbeat and not quite right for this playlist.


The Pietasters:

I thought I would end the playlist with a slightly more upbeat band, but still perfect for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon.  Think of it as you are now ready to get up and do something!  The Pietasters!  The Pietasters used to be signed to Hellcat and then the massive Fueled By Ramen label, but are now on Asbestos Records.

Highlights are Cryin’ Over You, New Breed, and Oolooloo



That’s It:


I will try to do this every Friday with what I have been listening to during the week.  Hopefully this will introduce some people to some new music, or at least give you something to listen to.

What would you add to your Lazy Sunday Afternoon playlist?

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