Ian Matthews | Kasabian | Rhythm Magazine Issue 258


Ian Matthews of Kasabian for Rhythm Magazine


There are many experiences that I have as an editorial photographer that will live in my memory for a long time.  However, I am not sure there is one that will shine quite as brightly as this one.  Not only was I commissioned by Rhythm Magazine to photographer the amazing drummer of Kasabian Ian Matthews, but I was going to be doing it all at the King Power Stadium, home of the 2015-2016 Premier League champions Leicester City Football Club.  Being an avid football fan, as well as a massive fan of Kasabian this was a shoot that was going to be epic…and it was!


I met Ian outside of the stadium at one of the gates to get into the backstage area of the stadium.  There was an issue with my pass, so Ian had to come out and deliver it to me so that I could get in.  After a little bit of chatting and talking about the shoot, we made our way to Kasabian’s backstage base…which happened to be the Leicester City changing rooms.  Now I don’t get “fan boy” in situations very often, but being in the Leicester City changing rooms was simply amazing.  It was pretty much exactly what you would expect a premier league football teams changing room to be.  Luxurious, yet extremely practical in it’s arrangement.  What struck me instantly was the use of inspiring hashtags on some of the walls.  Talking with Ian, we decided quite quickly that we wanted to do a few shots in one of the changing areas with one of the hashtags in frame.


After we were done in the changing rooms, and played a little Call of Duty, we headed out onto the stage to get photos of Ian’s kit as well as some shots of him playing.  Now, I have been on a few stages in my time photographing musicians, but this was my first time on a stage as huge as this one, and in as big a venue as this.  Seeing the King Power Stadium from the stage was something I will never forget.  I had also never been on stage with so many people working as well.  The stage was abuzz with dozens of people setting up.  There were guys trying to hang the massive Kasabian banner, which was proving much more difficult than normal as we were in a massive outdoor venue and it was quite windy.  There were the guys from the opening band Blossoms setting up their gear and then there was the lighting guys getting the lighting rigs ready.  It was a bit of a madhouse to be honest!!


Thankfully Ian’s kit was in place and ready to go.  After checking with some of the guys working on stage that it was ok to play for a bit, we set about getting the playing shots done as well as some portraits of Ian at his kit.  This didn’t take very long at all and we were quickly done and out of everyone’s way.  Having setup a light on stage was proving to be a little bit in the way of the banner guys and I probably overly apologised to them!


Time-wise, this was one of my quicker editorial portrait sessions this year.  From meeting Ian to getting the last shot done was probably just over an hour.  Understandably everyone was quite busy as Leicester is the home of Kasabian and this was a hugely important show for everyone involved.  I did my part of getting amazing photos, and getting out of the way quickly!  I was invited to stay for the show, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to.. next time Kasabian..next time!


Tear Sheets:




Below are the tear sheets from Rhythm Magazine.  I always like posting the tear sheets as they give you a sense of what my images look like when they are in use.








The Images:




Below you will find a selection of some of my favourite images from the shoot.  Some are ones that were used in this issue of Rhythm Magazine, some are not.  They are all awesome though!















The Selfie:


As always I try to take a selfie at the end of every shoot that I do.  This one was one I just had to make sure I did!  Thankfully Ian was more than up for it, and wanted one for himself as well!  We made sure that we had the Leicester crest behind us as well…you know, memories!  😀







This was the second shoot that I did with my new Fuji X-T2.  This was the first though, in which I was using off camera flash, and if you’ve read my review, this was where I discovered the (now resolved) issue of not being able to see!  So the camera was a Fuji X-T2, using the 16-55 2.8 for everything.  Everything also used just one Elinchrom Quadra Ranger.