Paul Jones | Sigma | Rhythm Magazine Issue 255

Paul Jones, Sigma Drummer, for Rhythm Magazine


Rock City in Nottingham seems to be one of those venues that I have been at a lot in 2016.  I think I have photographed three different bands (one of those being Twenty One Pilots) for various magazines this year, and this shoot with Sigma‘s Paul Jones was the first…and for some reason I am only just now getting around to blogging about it!

I was at Rock City to photograph the drummer of Sigma, Paul Jones.  I was particularly excited for this shoot not only because Paul is an absolutely insane drummer, but he has one of the most unique kits you have ever seen.  His kit may “look” a little normal to the untrained eye, but go behind the kit and you will see a lot of unique and awesome things.  See, Paul not only has to provide “normal” drums when playing with Sigma, but he also has to provide drum and bass loops as well as other unique sounds and rhythms through his kit… and this was going to be amazing!

The timing for the shoot couldn’t have been better either.  I was there just in time for soundcheck, and we all know how much I love doing the playing shots during soundcheck.  But with Sigma, the playing shots were going to be even more awesome as they have a tremendous light show and this was in full effect during soundcheck.  Not only did I get some amazing lights and images of Paul playing during soundcheck, but a quick conversation with the lighting guy got me the light wall behind Paul to be on for me whilst I did the portraits of Paul at his kit.  I have always wanted a light wall for some portraits, and this was my chance!

Being on stage with ALL of Sigma during soundcheck was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.  There was a total of 7 people on stage, and even though the stage at Rock City is on the larger side, things were a little cramped.  Cramped, but that didn’t stop everyone from having fun.  When I am on stage during soundcheck, I always tell people that are in my vicinity to kick me if I get in their way.  I don’t want to impose, and being on stage moving around and having my own lighting set up at the same time, makes it a little hard sometimes.  But, everyone in Sigma took that as a cue to start messing with us.  We had everyone at some point come over and try to photobomb the shoot, and it made it a LOT of fun!!

After that, it was time to do some portraits of Paul not at his kit.  If you have never been to Rock City, it’s an amazing venue.  A large stage, and a fairly large standing area for shows with absolutely no obstructions and everything in the venue area is painted black, so I knew instantly the type of portraits that I wanted to get with Paul that didn’t involve his kit.  I found a little area that was tucked away, painted black obviously, with a bench and we set about getting some amazing solo portraits of Paul.

Paul was fantastic to photograph and the resulting images were amazing.  Below you will find a couple of tear sheets from the feature in Rhythm Magazine (I like showing my images in situ) and then a handful of my favourite images from the shoot after that.


Tear Sheets:


Here are the tear sheets as they appeared in Issue 255 of Rhythm Magazine.








The Images:


Below you will find a selection of some of my favourite images from my shoot with Paul Jones.  There were so many awesome images taken during this shoot, that it was quite hard for me to narrow this selection down.  But, here is that selection, narrowed down.  😀












The Selfie:


As always, I try to take a selfie with whoever it is that I am photographing.  Paul was more than up for this, and we got a really fun, though blurry, selfie together!  Thanks Paul!!!




The Band:


So, if you don’t know who Sigma is…you need to check them out.  They’ve been around for a little while, and have had more than a couple of top 10 songs.  So check them out here.


Paul Jones, besides being the awesome drummer for Sigma, is also a freelance drummer and you can check his website out here.



This was a pretty straight forward shoot in terms of equipment.  Because I had the stage lighting for the playing shots, as well as the portraits by the kit.  I only used one light to light Paul properly from the front.  This was one of my Elinchrom Quadra Ranger’s shot through a large octobox.  For the portraits against the black wall, I again wanted to keep it simple and used just the one (same) light.  Everything was shot using my Nikon d800e with my 24-70 2.8 lens.



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