Architects | Total Guitar Magazine | Issue 282

Architects for Total Guitar Magazine


When I received the brief for my shoot with Architects, I knew instantly what I wanted to do with the shoot.  Actually, I knew instantly what I wanted  to do with the shoot; I just hoped that the band members were going to be up for it.  You never know with band members how much of an image they always try to maintain.  Some bands and band members like to maintain their known image in all photoshoots, which is completely understandable.  Having not photographed Architects prior to this shoot, I wasn’t sure where the Searle brothers were at with this.   The reason this was something I was thinking about is because of what the interview was going to talk about, and how I wanted to create the images that would accompany that interview.  As an editorial photographer, it is my job to create images that not only sit perfectly alongside an article or interview, but will make the reader stop and read the article or interview (if they weren’t going to already).


With all that in mind, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I was very excited to run the ideas past Architects…well specifically the Searle brothers.  See, the interview was going to talk about being in a band with your brother.  Touring together, writing songs together, living together, growing up together.  Everything there was to know about starting and growing a band as brothers.  Having a brother myself, you know that there are times of fighting, rivalry, competition along with love and affection.  I wanted to capture that sibling-ness (is that even a word?) in the photos.  I wanted to take one of the UK’s biggest metal-core bands, and show their fun, light hearted side.  Thankfully, not only were they up for the idea…they absolutely loved the idea and were tremendously excited for it.


I generally like to try and avoid cliche’s in my shoots.  Sometimes this isn’t possible, but this was one shoot where I not only wanted the cliche’s, I was fully embracing them!  I wanted brothers annoying each other, brothers fighting with each other, brothers being brothers together… and that’s exactly what we got.  Below are the tear sheets from the shoot along with a couple of my favourite images from the shoot on their own.  Enjoy!


The Tear Sheets:


As I mentioned above, I had a very clear idea for how I wanted this shoot to go.  It couldn’t have gone any better than it did, and the opening spread of the feature on Architects did exactly what I wanted it to do.  It grabs your attention, and makes you want to read the article that goes along with it.






As you can see, the opening spread of the feature is absolutely amazing.  Obviously, I think they entire thing is awesome as I always think my photography is awesome!  There is a lot more to this shoot that I can’t show you yet though.  Some images were shot for future use in Rhythm Magazine, as well as some more for future use in other issues of Total Guitar..so I can’t show you a lot more from the shoot besides what I have with the amazing Searle brothers.


Other Awesome Images:


Here are a couple of other images of the Searle brothers that didn’t get used in this feature, but I want to show you.  They just show you how much fun we had on this shoot!






So much of what we captured was completely natural.  Once I told the guys the sort of “mood” that I wanted for each set, they just did their thing!  As you can see in the two above photos, the mood I was looking for was “the annoying brother” and I think they captured that perfectly!!!


The Selfie:


As always, I take a selfie with everyone that I photograph and this one was no different!






So this was one of the most fun shoots I have had this year.  I mean, how often do you get a Metal-Core band acting truly silly?  This is also probably why the boys in Architects enjoyed the shoot so much.  They weren’t having to have their metal faces on the entire time and were able to just relax and have fun and I think that comes through in the photos.


Be sure to check out Architects if you, for some reason, don’t know who they are!