Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots) | Rhythm Magazine | Issue 256

Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots for Rhythm Magazine


It was just over a year on from the last time I had photographed Twenty One Pilots that I was arriving at Rock City in Nottingham to photograph them again…this time for Rhythm Magazine.  The brief that I was given for this shoot was to get photographs of Josh with his drum kit, without his drum kit, Josh playing his drums, images of his drum kit, and to grab some images of him with Tyler as they are the only two members of Twenty One Pilots.  Easy!


Having photographed them before, I was excited for another shoot with them.  The last time I had shot them was an incredibly awesome, but very difficult (from a technical standpoint) shoot and this was going to be much easier!!  I met with Josh as soon as I arrived and we caught up for a few minutes before I talked him through the different shots that I needed to get.  We had a little while before sound check and we decided that I would do the playing shots during sound check and we would try to get all the other images before sound check.  This was perfect for me, as getting the playing shots during sound check quite often means that I get the stage lighting at the same time which really makes the playing shots awesome.


Josh went and grabbed Tyler and we set about getting some fun portraits of the two of them.  Being a shoot for Rhythm magazine, I wanted to try and incorporate Josh’s drum sticks into the shots as well and we got a few crackers with them improvising different poses with the sticks…one of them being making the Twenty One Pilots logo with the drum sticks…and that photo (you will see it below) has become one of my all time favourite images that I have ever shot.


Once we did a few with Tyler, Tyler went off to warm up for sound check and I took a few portraits of Josh on his own and then at his kit.  He then went away to do the interview whilst I took some images of his kit.  Then it was sound check time and I spent a couple of song taking photos of Josh playing and we were done.  Below are the tear sheets from the magazine as well as some of the images they used and didn’t use in this issue.


Tear Sheets:






The Images:






Other Images from the Shoot:










The Selfie:

As awakes, when possible, I like to get a selfie with whoever it is that I am photographing.  We had the lovely (sarcasm) blue lights from the stage on us to make us look a little sickly.  😀







A pretty straightforward shoot.  Shot using my Nikon d800e and my 24-70mm 2.8 lens.  For the portraits I used one Elinchrom Quadra Ranger shot through a large octobox.  For the playing shots, it was that same light as my key light, but I used the stage lighting as it was available during soundcheck.