Joey Landreth (The Bros. Landreth) | Guitarist Magazine | Issue 407

Joey Landreth for Guitarist Magazine


I drove quite a ways for this shoot!  This shoot for Guitarist Magazine saw me driving from my base in Cambridge all the way out to Witney, which is out by Oxford.  Being from the States originally, I don’t mind a drive and a two hour drive for a shoot at 7pm isn’t a problem for me!!  It turned out to be well worth it as I got to see an amazing show, but more importantly I got to capture some of my favourite images to date.  And, the guys in The Bros. Landreth were absolutely brilliant to work with.


The location for our shoot dictated the entire shoot.  I walked in and was instantly struck by the amazing, long red leather bench chair that greeted you as you entered.  I knew instantly that was where I wanted the “main” shoot to be.  The way I approach shoots for magazines like Guitarist and Rhythm is I scope out the location and find where I want the “main” shoot to be and then I find some secondary locations that, in my mind initially, aren’t as good as the first.  But, it’s worth it getting images in a few different locations and from a few different angles at each location.


I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone that knows my work that my favourite angle for a shoot is straight on.  Straight on has always been my “go to” angle for shooting portraits, and it’s quite often the best work that I produce.  I like to think that this separates my style from other photographers as I don’t see that many that shoot from the same angle and perspective that I do and it’s just become my go to shooting position.  This shoot was no different…it was this perspective that I started with, and it was this perspective that produced the best images from the day.


Joey was one of the easiest guys I have ever photographed.  He has an amazing look…he’s a good looking guy, and his natural “resting” face has a look that oozes charisma and intrigue.  All I had to do with Joey was adjust his pose slightly, but even that was alway minor.  He was a natural and extremely easy to shoot.


The Images:

Below are some of my favourites from the shoot, followed by some tear sheets from Guitarist Magazine.









The Tear Sheets:








The Selfie:


Unfortunately I don’t have a selfie with this one.  🙁  This was down to the gig and interview both being on the same night.  Once we were finished shooting Joey had to run and do the interview before the show started and I never got a chance to get the selfie.  Bummer!




As always here is a rundown of what I used on this shoot.  Everything was shot on my Nikon d800e and my 24-70mm f2.8 lens.  I only used one light on all shots, mostly due to space but also how I wanted the images to look.  This single light was an Elinchrom Quadra shot through a large octobox.


The Band:


The Bros. Landreth.  Blues infused awesomeness… check them out!