Twenty One Pilots | Poster | Kerrang Issue 1616

Twenty One Pilots Kerrang! Poster


You might remember that amazing shoot I did with Twenty One Pilots previously.  Well that shoot produced a LOT of awesome images, and there was a lot left that never saw print in the original commission.  Because that commission produced so many good shots that never made it to print, Kerrang asked me if I had any that they could use for a poster, and of course I said yes.  I sent them over a few options and in the end they wound up running this awesome shot as a poster in issue 1616 (April 23 2016).  You should go buy the back issue and hang this awesomeness on your wall.




This shot was actually one of the first ones taken on the day…not a bad start if you ask me!!!  Tyler and Josh were simply amazing to work with, and I am fortunate to have worked with them again since this shoot.  But, you will have to wait a little while to read about that one!


To keep you Twenty One Pilots fix going, here are a few behind the scenes photos from the original shoot.  Enjoy!!