Raspberry Pi Birthday Party | Linux Format | Issue 210

Raspberry Pi birthday party for Linux Format


Earlier in the year, the amazing Raspberry Pi turned four years old, and Linux Format magazine sent me to capture the celebrations.  Being a huge tech geek, this was a shoot I was massively looking forward to, even if it is was way outside of my usual bands and musicians for editorial work.  When I arrived, I was in tech geek heaven.  I was literally surrounded by a huge range of creations, programs, and robots all powered by the Raspberry Pi.  I myself, haven’t (yet) delved into playing around with a Raspberry Pi, but I certainly have started since this birthday party.


What Linux Format wanted me to capture at the event was some images that gave a good “feel” as to what it was like being at the big bash, as well as some images and portraits of various industry VIP’s as they were being interviewed.  This was even more amazing as I got to sit in on these interviews and get a real insight into how people are using the Raspberry Pi not only to further innovation but to help in education and even help fight poverty.  It’s truly amazing to see what people are able to do with such a cheap computer and it really gives you hope that someone out there is currently creating something that is going to impact lives in a positive way.


Anyways, for this I decided it was best to show the tear sheets from Linux Format as they give a good feel of what my photographs were like on the day.  Enjoy!


The Tear Sheets:









All in all this was a fun filled shoot.  I got to walk around, talk with people about their creations, and play with them!  Sitting in on the interviews was amazing and I (and Linux Format) were all really pleased with the resulting photos.  Trying to get portraits of the people being interviewed was a little more tricky that normal, as the entire building was filled with people from around the country.  I didn’t want to use the room we were conducting the interviews in as they were, let’s be honest, boring.  So I tried to find little hidden areas where there wasn’t a lot of people.  But this meant we had to be super quick, so my lighting setup was little different than normal.  But, I will talk about that in the equipment round up below.




Because this shoot was a little, ok completely, different that most of the other editorial shoots that I do I didn’t bring along my normal equipment.  For this I was using my Nikon D800e and purely my 24-70mm 2.8 lens.  I used my Interfit Strobies pro flash 180 as that is capable of being on the hot shoe as well as off camera.  Due to time and space, it never came off the hot shoe.  For the interview shots I bounced the light off the wall behind me to give soft and even lighting.  For the portrait shots I tried to bounce the light off the ceiling when possible, other times the ceiling was too high so I bounced off the wall behind me again.



Sadly there are no selfies from this shoot.  Time was too tight for everyone involved to get any selfies…. oh well!  😀