Luke Spiller (The Struts) | Kerrang Magazine | Issue 1614

Luke Spiller (The Struts)  Anatomy of a Rock Star


You may remember a little while back, I photographed the amazing The Struts for a Kerrang Fresh Blood feature.  Not only were The Struts absolutely amazing to work with, but we got a LOT of really great photos from the shoot as well.  So much so, that Kerrang decided to use another image from the shoot for an Anatomy of a Rock Star with Luke Spiller.  If you don’t know what Anatomy of a Rock Star is, you need to read more Kerrang!  But, in all seriousness, it’s a little feature where they ask different rock stars a little bit about what makes them tick and it’s always a great read.  The Luke Spiller one is amazing as he is quite the character and full of charisma…it’s well worth checking out.


The Image:


Since the image used in the Anatomy of a Rock Star was taken from a larger group shot, I don’t really have a single image to show you.  Instead, what I am going to do is show you the tear sheet (everyone loves a tear sheet!), and then I am going to show you the full photo of The Struts that the image came from..which is worth it as well!!!  First up, the tear sheet!




And now, the full image of The Struts….




Like I said, we got a LOT of really awesome photos of The Struts on this shoot.  Luke was absolutely amazing and pulling awesome poses and expressions.  I am very used to giving direction on shoots, tweaking poses here and there, but there was absolutely no need for any of that with The Struts.  I gave them the “idea” for what I envisioned with the images, and they absolutely nailed it!!!


So there you have it!!


The Selfie:


I posted the selfie with The Struts on the other post which you can read here, but here it is again for you.