Muncie Girls Poster | Kerrang Magazine | Issue 1605

Muncie Girls Poster for Kerrang!


You may remember reading about my Fresh Blood shoot for Kerrang with Muncie Girls a few months back… if not, you should read about it here!  Also, if you haven’t heard Muncie Girls, you really need to get on that and be sure to check them out as well!!


So anyways, the original shoot with Muncie Girls produced a lot of really awesome images.  We were able to shoot in the Westminster Library, which is just outside of Leicester Square.  It’s an absolutely amazing library with a good mix of old and new.  There was the main library area which had the feel of a school library; very grey, very organised, and slightly modern looking.  However, there was a little balcony that overlooked the main part of the library, and this area looked like it walked straight out of Victorian times.  We didn’t want to do the main brief image here, for that we used the more modern area of the library.  But, we knew we needed to do at least a few photos in the balcony area.


Shooting in this area had it’s difficulties though.  It was extremely narrow and the staircase coming up to it was nearly a spiral staircase.  The reason I mention the staircase is because of my lighting.  Because the balcony was so narrow, I wasn’t able to put my lighting on the balcony area itself.  It just wasn’t wide enough with my soft box on it.  I also couldn’t put it on the stairs because of their spiral nature.  This required me to improvise a little…  In the end I collapsed my stand base so that it was just a long pole and positioned it on the outside of the railing of the balcony.  With the assistance of the PR company for Muncie Girls, we were able to hold the lighting firmly against the railing and I was able to get the lighting I desired for the shots.  Kerrang loved one so much that they ran a poster of it in this issue and you can see the image below.




I think you can see from the image just how narrow the balcony area was… it wasn’t very wide!!  But, thanks to quick thinking I was able to get a few great shots up here.




For this shoot I was using my Nikon D800, and on this shot my 24-70 2.8 lens at it’s widest.  One Elinchrom Quadra was used through a large octobox and that’s it!  From there it was down to positioning of the band and different ideas for the shots!