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Commercial Portraits


Back in February 2016, I had the great privilege of taking some commercial portraits for a gentleman named Richard Nocar.  Richard had spent the majority of his adult life as a captain on various Superyachts and traveling the world.  He had an extremely great insight into the luxury travel market, having piloted yachts and living in Monaco.  Because of his vast experience and knowledge, Richard set about establishing himself as an Ambassador of tailored hospitality and luxury.  What does this entail exactly?  Well, basically Richard is a travel agent to the super rich.  Not only is he able to provide everything a person could dream of for their holiday, he is also able to provide and captain the yachts they would travel in.


Having already established himself in this market, Richard came to me to update his commercial portraits.  Richard understood more than anyone how important his image was.  He didn’t want cheap head shots that anyone could have… this is where I came in!  My unique style greatly appealed to Richard and the darker tones that are prevalent in my photography was perfect for his commercial portraits.  So we hired out the Hotel Du Vin in Cambridge and Richard travelled to me for his portraits.  The Hotel Du Vin has an amazing library/study room that we used for the photoshoot, and we made sure our time there was very early in the morning (I think we met at 5am) so that we were not in the way of the hotel, but also so that we didn’t have any guests around that we would have to work around.  Even though we had hired out the room from the hotel, we had to be wary of the hotel guests.


Below are my two personal favourite images from the shoot….






As you can see from the photos, the location we chose in the Hotel Du Vin was perfect.  It oozed luxury, and the colours and tones were exactly what we both wanted from the portraits.  The most important thing for Richard was that the images looked luxurious, and I think we nailed that!  Richard didn’t want to be posed very much, he wanted a more relaxed and natural look to the portraits.  I tweaked a couple of things on his posture, but Richard really nailed the expressions and look!



As always, I like to post the equipment used in my shoots.  For this I shot on my Nikon d800e with my 50mm 1.8.  I chose the prime lens simply because of the size of the room we were in.  It gave me exactly the compositions that I wanted.  Lighting was my Elinchrom Quadra’s.  One the first image I used 2 with the key light being shot through a large octobox and the kicker being shot through a beauty dish with a diffuser on it.  The second image was a single light through the large octobox and I then balanced the ambient lights to make for a great portrait.