High Hopes | Fresh Blood |Kerrang Issue 1604

High Hopes for Kerrang Fresh Blood


On a cold Sunday afternoon in January, I was standing in the Waterloo train station waiting to meet with the amazing metal core band High Hopes.  This was a shoot that I had been looking forward to for a couple of weeks prior.  We were going to be shooting in the Leake Street Tunnel, which is famous for being a legal graffiti spot in London.  The tunnel is absolutely covered in graffiti and it’s constantly changing, so you never know what to expect when you get there.


The idea behind this shoot was that we wanted to photograph High Hopes in front of graffiti, writing lyrics from a song on the wall.  The lyric portion was important, as High Hopes are a metal core band with a message.  They want to make a difference in the world.  They love the world we live in, and want to help make it a better place… something I completely agree with and fully appreciated.


Once we met and had a good chat in the train station about what the shoot was all about, we made our way to Leake Street tunnel and set about finding a place for the shoot.  One of the problems with Leake Street tunnel is that it’s always busy with graffiti artists, and we wanted to ensure that we were not going to be in the way of anyone.  This limited us to one area at the far end of the tunnel.  But honestly, I didn’t care what the graffiti behind the band looked like so long as there was graffiti and we weren’t in the way of anyone.  Once in place, we ran through a series of images based upon the brief from Kerrang…and you can see the result below.


The Image:




But, we also ran through some fun images and you can see one of those below as well….




Everyone really wanted a Beastie Boys inspired image in front of all the graffiti…and who could blame them!  It turned out amazing, in my opinion, and everyone had an absolutely blast with it as you can see from our selfie below.


The Selfie:




The Band:


High Hopes – melodic metal core awesomeness.  Check them out here.




This shoot was mostly straight forward.  I shot with my Nikon D800e and my 24-70mm 2.8 lens.  I used two three lights for this, all Elinchrom Quadra’s.  One was to light the singer and that was using a large octobox.  Then I had a light either side of the singer to light the guys that were much further from me.