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Class of 2016 for Kerrang!


This blog has been a long time coming, and it’s taken so long for a variety of reasons.  The resulting images in this shoot, just look WAY better with all the text and headlines on them then they do on their own.  Because of this, I really wanted to use tear sheets for the blog, but I wanted good quality JPGS and not scans.  Finally, I have them and am ready to blog this shoot!


This has to be one of the coolest, and more challenging shoots that I have done for Kerrang.  It was shot at the tail end of 2015 to be in one of the first issues of 2016, and these were six bands that Kerrang were tipping to have great years, and all six were Fresh Blood features from 2015.  Those six bands were Counterfeit, Muncie Girls, Fort Hope, WSTR, Dead!, and Black Peaks.  All awesome bands, and I was fortunate enough to have shot two of them before.  You may remember the Muncie Girls library photo as well as the Counterfeit movie poster photo.  Having two people on the shoot that I had already photographed really made a big difference on the shoot.  Photographing six guys is challenging enough, but photography six people from six different bands that may never have met each other before added a whole new challenge to the shoot and having a couple of familiar faces around really helped.


The idea for the shoot was reasonably simple… we wanted to create a Breakfast Club inspired image.  All six in school and in school uniforms, but acting up a bit.  We wanted people sitting on desks, someone passing a note, someone throwing a paper aeroplane…you get the idea.  We were going to create two main images for this.  One image would have three bands up front, and then we would swap the bands around for the second images.  One was to be used as a double page spread, and the other as a full page.  So I had to plan very carefully for each shot.


How did I do it?  Well, before I got any lights set up, I set about getting everyone into position and coming up with the different roles that each person would be playing.  We started with the double page image and went through quite a few different arrangements and actions before we settled on what looked best.  Then I went about getting the lighting correct, as the lighting for this was going to be pretty difficult because I had such a large distance between the band members at the front and the band members at the back.  What I wanted to simulate was the overhead lighting that you get in schools, but make it just a little better.  So I setup two lights, one a little lower for the band members in the front and one much higher to throw the light to the band members in the back.  Surprisingly, once I got the ratios correct, it went amazingly!!!  Check out the finished images below….


The Images:






As you can see I posted the tear sheets of these images instead of the actual images themselves.  These are the type of editorial images that were made to have text and headlines on them, and while they are awesome images, they just look a bit boring without the text and headlines…they miss the oomph that you get with the text.

I loved everything about this shoot.  Everyone was absolutely brilliant at nailing the different roles I was giving them for the photo, and once we had those roles established, it didn’t take much to get the finished shots.


The Selfie:


Of course I took my obligatory selfie with everyone from the shoot!  I look amazingly awful in the photo, but it’s a great selfie that really sums up the shoot.  😀







So this shoot was a little different in terms of equipment.  I used my Nikon D800e, but because I was shoot so wide I used my Tamron 14-24mm lens and I shot on a tripod.  I used two lights, both Elinchrom Quadra’s with one shot through a large octobox fitted to act like a strip box (horizontal) so that I could throw light to the back without getting any spill on the front.  The other was shot through a normal large octobox but set a little lower than the either light both in terms of height and power.



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