John Petrucci (Dream Theater) | Total Guitar Magazine | Issue 277

Dream Theater’s John Petrucci for Total Guitar


Being a former, failed guitar player growing up I had my share of guitar idols.  Guitarists that had something about them that I always loved and wanted to emulate.  This list included people like the obvious David Gilmore, Kirk Hammett, and Dream Theater’s John Petrucci.  I think it’s safe to say most guitar players would have John on their list of amazing guitar players.  So when I was asked by Total Guitar to photograph John at the Warner Brother offices in London for an upcoming issue, it’s pretty safe to say that I was over the moon!!


I have done a few shoots at the Warner Brothers offices before, and each one has been different.  You may remember the Matt Heafy shoot for Kerrang took place there, and that shoot required moving quite a few things around!  This shoot we were in a completely different room than any of the ones I had shot in before.  This room was not meant for photography, but it was large… so we had that going for us!  I took a few photos of John being interviewed and talking about their upcoming album (now out) The Astonishing.  Now I have sat in on a few interviews for various magazines, and this was one of the most interesting interviews I have ever sat in on.  Perhaps it’s because I always idolised John’s playing, but either way it was fascinating to hear him talk about the process of writing The Astonishing.  I highly recommend you pick up this copy of Total Guitar if you are a fan of either John Petrucci or Dream Theater…the interview is fantastic!!


Anyways, onto the shoot.  As I mentioned above, this room was not meant for photography.  There wasn’t anything interesting in the room to use as a background and most of the walls, while painted white, had paintings or pictures hanging on them.  This ruled them out as being used for even just a plain white background.  In the end, one wall full of windows, had white roll down blinds…so we rolled them down and shot against them to give us a plain white background for the shoot.  Total Guitar were expecting this and had said before hand that we may only be able to get white background shots, so I was happy with this setup and you can see the resulting images below.


The Images:









As you can see the images themselves are nothing extraordinarily creative or different.  But, we captured a lot of personality from John and the images definitely show that and looked great in the feature.




As always these were shot on my Nikon D800e using my 24-70mm lens.  I only used 1 light for this shoot, and that was an Elinchrom Quadra shot through a large octobox.


The Selfie:


The obligatory selfie with John.