Counterfeit Band | Kerrang Poster | Issue 1611

Counterfeit Band for Kerrang!


You may remember when I shot rockers Counterfeit for a Fresh Blood feature for Kerrang last year, and if you don’t then you need to read about it here.  There were so many good, dare I say absolutely awesome, photos from that shoot that Kerrang asked for another to feature as a photo in issue 1611.


The original shoot was an interesting one in terms of how it was shot.  When we shot the Fresh Blood feature, it was shot on location but the plan was always to create a composite for the feature.  But, I also shot a lot using the location around us so that we would have some non composite, on location images to choose from.  Good thing I did as well!  😀


You can tell from this shot and the one used in the Fresh Blood feature that Jamie Bower is amazing at giving awesome facial expressions.  This is probably down to him being a front man, but also down to his years of experience as a Hollywood actor…if you don’t know who Jamie Campbell Bower is you need to get out more!  😀


The Image:




As you can see Jamie gave me pure awesomeness.  The rest of the band did as well..they all look badass, and that’s exactly what we wanted as Counterfeit’s music is…well badass!!!



It’s become a little tradition to talk about what I used to get the shot.  For this I used my Nikon D800e and I used my 50mm lens.  I wanted to take advantage of the lens distortion I would get shooting at 50mm and being this close to the band.  I used two lights here, both Elinchrom Quadra’s.  The key light was set slightly camera right and shot through a large octobox.  The second was bare and placed directly behind the band.  This was to give an ever so slight kicker on the band members in the back…and you can see that on the sides of the faces.


The Selfie:


I know I posted this selfie already on the original post from my shoot with Counterfeit, but here it is again!