Adam Goldsmith | The Musician Spring 2016 | Musicians Union

Adam Goldsmith for The Musician


Every quarter The Musicians Union put out their magazine The Musician to their members.  I was commissioned by them to take some editorial portraits of session guitarist Adam Goldsmith for the Spring issue of The Musician.  If you aren’t aware of The Musicians Union, they are the UK’s largest union for professional musicians.  If you are a musician and not a member, you need to check them out and can do so here.


If you aren’t aware of who Adam Goldsmith is, you need to know.  He has had one of the most unique, and coolest careers a session guitarist can have.  From being the guitarist on The Voice UK, through to playing with artists such as Meatloaf and Gloria Estefan.  That is one varied and amazing career!!!!


When I met Adam at a small studio in Welwyn Garden City, I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of history and awesomeness that was about to greet me.  Besides Adam’s star studded career, the guy that owned the studio had one tremendous collection of memorabilia from his own session musician adventures….needless to say, in the words of Wayne and Garth, I wasn’t worthy!!!  😀  After a few minutes of talking about music etc, we got onto the business of the editorial portraits of Adam.  What The Musicians Union were looking for was a good opening portrait of Adam and then images that showed Adam playing.  Originally we had Adam just playing his guitar, but we decided to change the setup a little to show what Adam would look like playing for one of his session jobs.  This mostly involved adding some music that he would be playing off of with some headphones, as that is the majority of Adam’s work.  And it worked quite well!!


The Images:


Below are the images that were used in The Musician and then below that are the tear sheets from the actual magazine itself.











The Selfie:


In case you aren’t familiar with my blog posts, it has become tradition for me to take selfies with everyone that I photograph.  This is mostly for my kids so that when I am too old to be doing this amazing work anymore, they will be able to see that they had a pretty damn cool dad!  😀







As usual I shot with my Nikon D800e.  I used my 24-70mm 2.8 lens and as has been my favoured lighting lately I used a single Elinchrom Ranger Quadra shot through a large octobox.  The use of one light in this situation was actually dictated to me by the location and not really a choice.  The room we shot in had a very, very low sloping ceiling in which there was one 2 foot wide area that was high enough for me to even put my lighting!   This meant that I was forced to use only one light, but it also meant that I had to compose my shots based on where I was able to place my light.  This was a challenge that I greatly enjoyed as I was forced to think different about my composition as well as the lighting pattern on Adam.  It was a fun, and challenging shoot that I relished as a result!