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Every year I photograph the advertising campaign for Urbanz headphones, and every year the shoot is different and better!  Last year the images were focused on the Sportz range, and we created almost all of the images as composite images.  This year however, the images were focused on a new range called Fabriq, and we wanted the images to have a fashion look and feel to them and to get as much right in camera as possible.  At the same time, we were going to provide some updated photography for some of the Neon range as well as the Sportz range.


The Brief – Fabriq:


The Fabriq range of headphones from Urbanz is aimed at the more fashion conscious music listener.  They come in four different colours, and the ear piece is covered in a semi rough textured fabric (hence the name Fabriq).  For the campaign, Urbanz wanted to highlight the pastel colours that the headphones come in and make the colour(s) the champion of the images.  With that in mind, we set about matching the colours of the headphones to everything in the images.  From the clothes the models were wearing to the background of the images, everything was going to be the same colour.  This was going to give us a striking image in which the headphones and their colour were king.


The Images – Fabriq:


Below are some of my favourite images from the Fabriq portion of the shoot.  We did have to do some editing on the models clothing in Photoshop afterwards to match the colouring of the headphones and the background.  Getting background paper that was the same colour was not a problem.  But trying to organise clothing that matched proved more difficult.  Because of this we asked the models to bring what they could that match, and whatever didn’t match to bring either white or grey as this would allow me to easily change the colour.  We will see if you can spot the difference, though I don’t think you will be able to!  😀




















The Brief – Neon:


Urbanz most popular headphones range is their Neon range of headphones.  This is a range we have done photos for with every photoshoot we have done with Urbanz.  However, this year they made a new Neon headphone that was the result of the extra cuttings from the manufacturing process.  The result is a unique, random, Neon headphone in which EVERY single one is different…no two are ever the same.  With this uniqueness in mind, we wanted to create a flagship image that was fun and would relate to the Neon headphone customer.  Our model Dani Race absolutely nailed this concept as you will see below.


The Images – Neon:






Both of the images show the fun and uniqueness of the new Neon headphone, and I think these are images that Urbanz will be using for years to come.  They’ve already used them as the cover for their 2016 catalogue as well as packaging for the headphones.


The Brief – Sportz:


Finally, we wanted to get a few updates “in situ” images of the Sportz range.  For this, we were looking for simple, clean images that showed the headphones being used for working out or what would appear to be working out.  These were simple, white background images that the models rocked.


The Images – Sportz:






One more!!!!


We also took a few shots of other headphones that Urbanz had brought along.  These images didn’t have any brief per se…they simple wanted to capture some new imagery of this range and we had a little free range to do what we wanted with these.









The Models:


A big, big thank you goes out to the amazing models we had on the day.


Dani Race

Bruno Bonfim

Amanda Santos


Shameless Plug:


I specialise in advertising and editorial portraiture, so if you require amazing images for your brand please do not hesitate to get in touch.  I am more than happy to talk through ideas and budget so don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas and how we can grow your business through awesome imagery!



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