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Kevin Paul,  Celebrity Tattoo Artist


If you are a fan of tattoos or tattoo reality TV programs, you will probably know who Kevin Paul is.  He stars in the show Tattoo Disasters UK and has also been in the media recently with his thoughts on another tattoo reality program Tattoo Fixers.  Besides the recent TV and media attention being brought to Kevin Paul, he has been known for being the tattoo artist to the stars in the UK.  He is Ed Sheeran’s personal tattoo artist and has also tattoo’d everyone from Harry Styles through to Rihanna.  His life is an absolutely amazing story, and I would highly recommend checking out his book “Sketchy Life” which you can learn more about here.


The Shoot:


I arrived at Kevin’s shop in Derby late in the day ready for some magic.  We planned the shoot for as late as possible so that we would not disrupt any clients in the shop, and not disrupt the shops business in general.   When I arrived Kevin was putting the finishing touches on one of his clients.  This gave me the opportunity to setup my lighting and have a look around the shop to find areas that would work for what we wanted to achieve.  What we were looking to get from the shoot were images that Kevin could use in the press as well as to advertise himself and his shop.  We wanted images that were moody, but also commercial.  I had it in my mind that the finished images wouldn’t look out of place in the adverts for a tattoo reality TV program, and that is what I set about creating.


Whilst I was scouting various locations around the shop, I stumbled upon a storm trooper helmet Kevin had in the shop.  I knew I wanted to use this as I had never seen a photo of a tattoo’d storm trooper (they probably exist, but I hadn’t seen one at this point).  Thankfully Kevin was more than happy to wear the helmet and he worked it perfectly!!!


The Images:












So there you have a few of my favourite images from the shoot!  I am sure you are going to be seeing these and more around in the coming months, as well as some new ones of Kevin from shoots that we have planned.


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