Tash Neal | The London Souls | Guitarist Magazine | Issue 404

Tash Neal of The London Souls for Guitarist Magazine 


When I headed into a small pub in Bethnal Green to meet with Tash for his shoot for Guitarist magazine, I didn’t know his backstory.  Before every shoot, I do research the band or musician that I am photographing so that I can get an idea of what the music is like, the personalities, and the look so that I can formulate the images around that.  With this shoot though, I wish I had read a little bit more.  Tash has such an amazing story of survival and perseverance that I recommend everyone buy a copy of Issue 404 of Guitarist magazine to read all about it.  It is truly amazing and inspiring.


For those that haven’t heard The London Souls, they are a two-piece blues infused rock band out of NYC.  Even though there are just two of them, they put on an extremely energetic and exciting show.  When I was researching them I was immediately struck with the intricacies in the guitar playing.  Couple that with Guitarist Magazine being more “classic” in terms of photography, I knew instantly the type of portrait I wanted from Tash.  Thankfully the venue they were playing at, offered the perfect setting for what I had in mind.  I found a little room with lovely red bench seats and full floor to ceiling wooden walls.  It was perfect, and the resulting images are below….









As usual I used my Nikon D800e and my 24-70mm 2.8 lens for this shoot.  The 24-70 came in extra handy for the live shots!!!  For the portraits, I again stuck with a single light here… one Elinchrom Quadra shot through a large soft box.  The use of one light was mostly dictated by the location, but I think the single light gives it a more classic look as well.


The Band:


The London Souls – you should definitely check them out!