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The Struts for Kerrang!


If you live the US, you will no doubt have heard of The Struts.  Even though they are a British band, they have yet to fully break through in the UK market…even though they have stormed into the US market.  Hits such as Could’ve Been Me, and Kiss This have not only been in the Billboard charts, but have also been featured in Film, TV Adverts, as well as video games!!  It’s safe to say that they are currently exploding in the US.  In the UK, we may have to wait a little while, but their time will come for sure.


With influences ranging from Queen through to the Rolling Stones, I headed into my shoot with The Struts very excited that I was going to capture magic… and that I did!!  Singer Luke wears capes when he performs and the essence of the shoots was to capture the colour and vibrancy of his capes as well as trying to capture as much personality as possible…which was quite easy with these guys!  They were full of personality and really up for the shoot!!!


We started inside one of the meeting rooms at the Kerrang offices getting general images on a fairly plain background before heading outside to use a wall.  It’s safe to say there wasn’t a single bad shot on the day and I am sure we are going to be seeing a lot more of them sooner rather than later!


Here is the image that ran in the Fresh Blood feature for Kerrang…..




As you can see, the band were having an absolute blast on the shoot.  The image in use looks slightly different in that it was cropped off at the bottom as that is where the headline and copy went to accompany the image.


There wasn’t a bad image taken on the day, and there was one more image that really stood out to me as being awesome… and that is this image….




There are plenty more awesome photos of The Struts from this shoot as well.  I think they may appear as posters in an issue of Kerrang at some point so keep your eyes peeled for that if it happens!




As always I shot this with my Nikon D800e and my 24-70mm f2.8 lens.  Lighting on this was quite simple with just a single Elinchrom Quadra shot through a large octobox.


Selfie and Behind the Scenes:


I also did my obligatory selfie with the band….




I promise you Luke really was happy for this photo… I think we just caught him at a weird moment here!


But, I also took some shots of cool things I noticed during the shoot as well.  Like this drawing they did while I was setting up….





And how absolutely awesome is Luke’s coat?





The Band:


The Struts – again, if you haven’t heard them you need to check them out.  Especially if you are a fan of classic British rock!



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