Good Tiger and Muncie Girls | Kerrang Issue 1600

Good Tiger Kerrang Fresh Blood Feature


Towards the end of November I was at the Bauer offices in London to photograph a rather unique band for Kerrang‘s Fresh Blood feature.  What was unique about this band?  Well, half of them live in the UK and half in the US!  Even with a massive ocean dividing them, they have managed to create some rather stellar music!  During one of the unique times they are all together, I was there to capture them for their feature in Kerrang.


The concept behind this shoot was that we wanted the band to be levitating to symbolise their readiness to take flight and floating on the success of their latest album.  We chose the Kerrang office for the shoot as all I required was a nice plain background to photograph them on and then I would take care of the rest in Photoshop.  If you are familiar with my other work you will know that composites like this are never a problem for me.  If you aren’t familiar with my other work and aren’t aware of this, what are you waiting for?  Have a look already!  (also if you aren’t familiar with Good Tiger, you need to check them out as well).


Having shot the Fresh Blood feature for Kerrang a few times before, I am very familiar with the page layout, so when I am putting a composite together I know where the headlines and text will go as well as logos and other artwork.  This means that the designers at Kerrang shouldn’t have any issues with my image not working great with the page layout.  As you will see in the finished image below, there is a lot of blackness at the bottom of the image…this is where I already know the headline and text ended up!





Muncie Girls Kerrang Stars of 2016


You might remember it wasn’t that long ago that I photographed Muncie Girls for a Fresh Blood feature in Kerrang.  Looks like things are already picking up for Muncie Girls as they are already being tipped for big things in 2016 and Lande of Muncie Girls was featured in the Stars of 2016 feature of this issue.  While I was photographing Muncie Girls for their Fresh Blood feature, we did a few other shots around the library we were shooting at, and it was one of these other images that Kerrang used in their feature of Lande.






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