Twenty One Pilots | Rocksound Cover Issue 208

Twenty One Pilots Rocksound Cover Issue 208


You might remember earlier in 2015, I was commissioned by Rocksound to photograph Twenty One Pilots for the cover.  I was pleasantly surprised when issue 208 of Rocksound came through my postbox and featured another shot of mine from Twenty One Pilots on the cover.  When I did the shoot of Twenty One Pilots for Rocksound earlier in 2015, Rocksound had a 6 month exclusivity for the usage of the images, and I was very pleased to see them used again.  Below is a scan of the cover featuring my images of Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dunn of Twenty One Pilots.




But wait!!  There’s more!!  Besides the cover images of Twenty One Pilots, there was also a poster of Tyler Joseph that I had shoot included in the magazine as well!  The image they used for the poster, was one of my favourite images of Tyler from the shoot.  There’s just something about it, and it really does make a great poster.  People will definitely have this hanging on their walls!!





But wait!!!!  There’s more!!!


Don Broco Rocksound Poster


Remember not long after my Twenty One Pilots shoot with Rocksound, I was also commissioned to photograph the amazing Don Broco at the Sway Bar in London?  That shoot was also awesome and resulted in some pretty great images of the band.  But, I also did individual headshot of all the band members as well and Rocksound used one of those of Rob Damiani as a poster in this issue as well.







So there you have it, a few older images re-used in Rocksound, and used on the cover…which is always nice!  The Twenty One Pilots is still one of my favourite shoots ever…not just because Tyler and Josh were amazing to work with, but the shoot itself resulted in some absolutely amazing images!!


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