Counterfeit | Kerrang Fresh Blood Issue 1598

Counterfeit for Kerrang!


With the holidays, it feels like a long time since I shared a blog post!  But, hold on to your hats because I have a backlog of blog posts that need to be done.  Starting with one of the most exciting shoots of 2015 – Counterfeit for Kerrang.  Not only do Counterfeit create music that is totally up my alley (think balls to the wall rock with a lot of punk influence), but Counterfeit is headed up by the amazing Jamie Campbell Bower.  If you don’t know who Jamie Bower is, you need to watch Sweeney Todd, or Harry Potter, or Twilight…you get the idea.


With Jamie’s acting background, and prior to Counterfeit being what defined him, we decided that the shoot for their Fresh Blood feature in Kerrang needed to have a movie poster feel to it.  We didn’t want to be obvious and play on the bands name, or on a specific character of Jamie’s…we just wanted to create a badass movie poster inspired image…and that’s exactly what we did.


Using the amazing Shad area of London as our background we focused on getting Jamie to give us the expressions that define the music Counterfeit create…and he duly delivered as you can see below.




As usual with Fresh Blood shoots for Kerrang, I created the image in a portrait orientation with a lot of blank space at the bottom…this is where the text and headline goes.  Shooting for the same feature so often gives me a great benefit of understanding exactly what the layout will look like and allows me to compose and create accordingly.



As usual I used my trusty Nikon D800e and my recently acquired Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 lens.  I also used all my lighting which consisted of two Elinchrom Quadra heads shot bare as the rim lights and my Strobies 180 shot through my large octobox as the key light.


The Selfie:

The obligatory selfie with the band….




The Band:


Counterfeit.  They are still recording and writing their awesomeness…but you can check them out here and watch the amazing video for Come Get Some below….





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