Reliance Protect Advertising Brochure

Advertising Photography for Reliance Protect


A few months ago, I was commissioned to create two images for a company called Reliance Protect.  Reliance Protect offer lone worker protection via quick communication with a call centre when a lone worker needs help or assistance.  The images I was commissioned to create were to be used in the advertising for Reliance Protect as well as on their A4 brochure that their sales reps leave behind.  The cover image for the brochure was to be the hero image for Reliance Protect and was the more complicated of the two images to create.


The Hero Image


The hero image for this campaign was fairly complex to create.  The brief given to me was to create an image that would show the closeness of a lone worker and a call centre worker.  The image needed to show that a “lone worker is never alone”.  After a few meetings to discuss the different ideas for this image we all came to a decision on what the image would be.  Now it was up to me to make this image a reality.


Even though it was a single image I was trying to create, there was a lot to time and effort put into the planning and then the actual execution of photographing it.  We hired two models for the day and spent half a day in the studio capturing the required images.  You can see the finished hero image below…


Thump - Reliance Protect-058-Black-V2-small


As you can see above, we decided to create an image that showed two faces almost making one image.  We didn’t want to create one that was one single face made of two faces.  We wanted to show that it WAS two people, but we wanted it to look like it could be one face…suggesting the closeness of the call centre worker with the lone worker.  Shooting this was a little more difficult than you might imagine.  I had to use a lighting setup that would be flattering on both subjects.  I couldn’t use different lighting on each person, so it was essential that the lighting looked good on both.  Both models were photographed separately and then I created the final image in Photoshop.


The Lone Worker Image


The second image I was asked to create for Reliance Protect was that of a lone worker in their working environment.  Reliance Protect isn’t just for care workers, but care workers are the most commonly known lone workers.  It was with this in mind, that we decided to create the image using a care worker.  Due to logistics, we decided to create this image as a composite as well.  We used the same model from the cover image and photographed her the same day in the studio.  We then got permission from a care home to come in and take a few photos of one of the rooms that I was going to use as a background for the finished image.  Performing the shoot this way meant that we had minimal disruption to the care home, and we were able to photograph the model on one day, whereas if we had done this image on location it would have involved a second day of shooting for our model.  You can see the finished image below…




The idea behind this image was to simply show a lone worker in their environment.  In the brochure, this image was used on a page that described all of the different types of lone workers that could benefit from Reliance Protect.




And that’s it!  Two image, but a good, fun, and challenging shoot that produced outstanding results.  There are already talks about a new campaign for Reliance Protect and I will keep you posted when those will be ready to share.  For now, enjoy, share, and please leave any comments and questions below.