Counting Days | Kerrang Fresh Blood Feature Issue 1591

Counting Days for Kerrang!


A very short walk from the Liverpool Street station in London is an amazing graffiti wall.  What is amazing about it, besides the graffiti, is that it is in an absolutely ideal location for doing a photoshoot.  It’s set off of the main road, and is actually in a little alcove, but with loads and loads of space around it which allows room for lights and people etc.  It was at this location that I was going to photography the amazing band Counting Days for Kerrang.


The brief for this shoot was fairly straight forward.  Seeing as Counting Days are a band made up of members from previous bands such as TRC and Heights, Kerrang wanted to portray the fact that they were the type of guys that won’t give up and ready to move on.  With this in the mind, the essence of the brief was to photograph the band on the road side with their equipment…ready to move on and tackle the exciting adventure of Counting Days whilst leaving behind their former bands.  The area we chose outside of Liverpool Street was chosen because of the little side roads and the previously mentioned alcove… the graffiti was just a bonus and wasn’t in the original plan.  But seeing the bright, and not overtly busy, graffiti, everyone agreed that we at least need to have a couple of shots here to see how the worked.


For this, I wanted the band relaxed and not really paying too much attention to the camera.  I wanted them to appear that they were waiting on a bus, or a ride to take them on their journey.  So we had the band bring some equipment and I arranged them in a way that would give an interesting and pleasing composition without making it busy and muddled.  I instructed everyone where I wanted them to look, and most importantly that I wanted them to look relaxed and natural… and I think everyone pulled that off exceptionally well.  With then band all wearing mostly black, this really helped set them off the bright graffiti wall.


This turned out to be one of the easiest and most relaxed shoots I have done.  Counting Days were brilliant to work with and I can’t wait to work with them again and we enjoyed a cheeky Nandos after the shoot as well.  Enjoy the photo that ran in Issue 1591 of Kerrang!





This was a very straightforward part of the shoot, and because of how I was shooting it I opted for a single light.  Some of the other shots form this shoot (I may share at a later date) did involved more than 1 light.  But this shot was one Elinchrom Ranger shot through my large octobox.  Having to cover a fairly large area with one light, I moved my light quite far from the band and shot a little more wide open than I normally due… f4.5 for this whereas the vast majority of my shoots are in the f9-f11 range.  But due to the light being so far from the band, I had to open the aperture a little more.  Everything was shot on my Nikon d800e with my cheap cheap Nikon 28-80 lens.  I chose this lens for this shoot because it gave me a fairly large range of focal lengths to choose from without having to move around to recompose.



The Band:


Counting Days… if you are a fan a good, heavy, metal…check them out for sure.


As always.  Any comments or questions, please leave them below.  😀




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