Muncie Girls | Fresh Blood Feature Kerrang Issue 1590

Muncie Girls for Kerrang


I arrived at Westminster Library outside of Leicester Square on a quite beautiful and warm late summer afternoon.  Kerrang had arranged for us to be able to use the library for our shoot with the awesome Muncie Girls, and this was a shoot that everyone was looking forward to.  The band had travelled up from Devon, and even after the long journey were not at all tired and were ready to go!


I had arrived a little early so I had taken a few minutes to scout the library out and find locations to try and capture the images we needed.  We had one particular image in mind that we were going to try and create, but with this being a public library we weren’t entirely sure we were going to be able to without making noise and causing any disturbance.  With this in mind, I quickly found the location for the “money shot”, but continued looking around for other options so that we would be able to leave the library with something awesome to use…even if it wasn’t what we originally intended to capture.

Once the band and PR arrived, we headed into the library and spoke with our lovely contact and informed her of the different locations I wanted to use.  The library was extremely accommodating and I was starting to feel much better about trying to capture the intended shot.  But, to be safe, we started out the shoot with the “safe shots” so that we could finish with the more complex shot in case that it did cause a problem.  This resulted in us capturing quite a few awesome images of the band in various locations throughout the library before we started on the more complex shot.  The reason that it was a little complex, and that we were concerned about upsetting the library, was that it involved torn books and paper flying through the air.  Obviously we weren’t going to rip up any book from the library, but we were concerned how they were going to react to pages of books floating through the air.  Turns out they had absolutely no problem with it, and this allowed us to take the shot a few times to get it right.  To make sure it was going to be perfect, we took the image about 7 times with the pages being dropped from above in various positions.  This allowed me to use multiple shots in the finished, edited image and you can see the result below.




As you can see from the finished shot, it turned out awesome!  The band were brilliant to work with, and I think everyone was extremely pleased with the finished photo.  😀



As always I shot using my Nikon D800e, and my trusty 50mm 1.8… though that will change since I recently purchased the 24-70 2.8 and that will most likely be my go to lens now.  For this I opted for a single light, using my Elinchrom Quadra’s shot through one large octobox.  I had though about adding a second light behind the band, but with everyone sitting down it wouldn’t have had the same impact as it would have if everyone was standing.




The Band:

Muncie Girls.  Be sure to check them out as they are awesome.  😀


Thanks for looking, and as always any comments or questions please leave them below.  😀




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