Twenty One Pilots – Unseen Images

I was going through some images from this year, looking for images to enter into competitions.  As I was browsing through some of the images from the Twenty One Pilots shoot I did for Rocksound back in the beginning of the year, I realised there were quite a few awesome images that never got used.  So, I decided to share some of them here!  If you haven’t seen the images from the shoot that were in the magazine, be sure to read that post here.








Of all of these, for whatever reason, I absolutely love the first image.  I love all three, but the first one there is just something about it I love.  I understand why most of these weren’t used…they are extremely similar to some that where used.  But there are differences in these that I love.  I love that Josh is looking at Tyler in the last one, and Tyler standing on the petrol can in the second one.


Anyways, just wanted to share some images that were sitting around on a hard drive that no one had seen yet.  😀