Frank Turner Total Guitar Issue 272

Frank Turner Total Guitar Editorial Photography


A couple of months ago I arrived at the luxurious Soho Hotel in London to photograph the amazing Frank Turner for Total Guitar magazine.  I met with Matt who was doing the interview and the hotel manager who brought us to an amazing suite in which we were going to do the photo shoot as well as the interview for Total Guitar.  The suite left me with a plethora of options for the photo shoot, but I was instantly drawn to an old bookcase in the corner.  Everything about the bookcase was perfect.  It was in a great location in the room and had a unique and nice look to it.  It was the perfect backdrop for the photos of Frank and his guitar.  Below is a scan of the opening spread of the feature in Total Guitar magazine.




As I began setting up my lights Frank arrived.  He was every bit of a nice guy as I would have imagined him being.  We talked a little bit about what I envisioned for the photos, before our conversation was sidetracked onto Lagwagon and punk music.  I was, after all wearing a Lagwagon t-shirt on the day and was completely unaware that Frank was good friends with Joey Cape from Lagwagon.  We talked about the great music that Joey has been involved with making, including his work with the sadly deceased punk legend Tony Sly.  Once Frank’s manager reminded us of the time we had for the shoot, we quickly set about capturing the images for Total Guitar.  The idea for this shoot, was to reflect the mood of Frank’s latest album Positive Songs for Negative People.  With this in mind, we spent a lot of the shoot reflecting the happier, calmer side of Frank Turner…something that not a lot of people may have seen.


Photographing Frank Turner has to be up there in my all time favourite shoots.  Even more so than the cover shoot of Twenty One Pilots I did for Rocksound magazine, simply because he was the nicest person I have ever photographed, and we have a tremendous amount in common so we were able to talk candidly about music…and honestly it doesn’t get any better than that!


Enjoy the images that were used in the magazine below, along with my obligatory selfie.  I try to ensure that I take a selfie with everyone that I am privileged enough to photograph so that when I am too old to do this anymore, I can look back and see all the awesome stuff I used to do!  Enjoy!











I get asked a lot about the equipment and technique that I use on shoots, so I am going to try to include this on my blog posts going forward.


For the Frank Turner shoot, my equipment and setup was fairly straight forward.  Camera is a Nikon D800e and for this shoot I used my new, extremely cheap Nikon 28-50mm lens.  By extremely cheap, I mean £40!  Yes, I got this lens off eBay for £40.  It was an old kit lens on the film cameras and is an absolute bargain of a lens.  It’s sharp and has minimal lens distortion.

Lighting again is very simple, though slightly more expensive!  For this shoot I used 1 light, an Elinchrom Quadra shot through 1 large octobox.  The Elinchrom ranger’s allow me to shoot absolutely anywhere you can imagine and having a large octobox allows me to have soft, controllable light.  A lot of my shoots generally involved more than 1 light but not this one.  Normally I would have used a second or third light as rim lights, but I felt that this shoot didn’t need that…and no, I never use a second light as fill…it’s just not my style.


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