Radio 1’s Greg James for Coppafeel!

Greg James for Coppafeel


A couple of months ago I was contacted by the amazing breast cancer charity Coppafeel.  If you don’t know who Coppafeel is, you need to check them out here.  They are a truly amazing charity doing amazing things in raising awareness of breast cancer and getting people to check themselves regularly.  Early detection is always important, and Coppafeel are making sure you are checking yourself regularly.


It was with this in mind, that Coppafeel contacted me.  They had found a celebrity ambassador for their Uni Boob Team.  What is the Uni Boob Team I here you ask?  Well, basically it’s a team that will go around to different universities and getting university students checking themselves regularly.  You can read more about it here and become a part of it as well.


Greg James, of Radio 1 fame, was to be the ambassador for Uni Boob.  He couldn’t be a better choice honestly, and he has worked with Coppafeel many times in the past.  Part of the campaign this year involves their sponsor Surf detergent.  Yes, the same Surf detergent that you do your washing with.  Having a laundry detergent on board, Coppafeel then found me because of the launderette shoot that I did with The Manic Shine.  Greg James, photos that involved a launderette, Surf detergent, and a breast cancer charity… you might be wondering how this all ties together.  Well, according to the Uni Boob team website it has to do with this.

Greg is going to be joining in with our campus boob revolution to get students across Britain checking their boobs. Look out for a tall guy in a boob costume as he’ll be out and about on campus, DJing at one lucky university and helping out with your laundry. ….Ok – we were lying about the laundry.


I think there are some more plans to this, but I can’t reveal that!


The Shoot


The shoot took place in the Barbican Launderette in London.  The same place as my shoot with The Manic Shine.  It’s large, it’s tucked away in a corner and never very crowded.  The inspiration, or mood board, for the shoot was a combination of my shoot with The Manic Shine, and a shot I have done of my son.  Put these two ideas together with a bit of Surf detergent and some Uncle Sam “I want you!” thrown in and you get a good idea of what we were going for here.


I have posted a few of my favourite images from the shoot below.  Each of these images leaves room for copy and logos and other advertising essentials when they are used as posters and ads and in the media.  When I get some copies of the tear sheets, I will try to update this post with those so you can see what they look like in use.  So, enjoy the images, leave comments below, and most importantly make sure you coppafeel and check yourself regularly…men too!  Breast cancer does affect men!









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