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Deadly Circus Fire Band Promo Photography


Not long ago I was contacted by the music label Musicarchy Media to do a shoot for London prog metal band Deadly Circus Fire.  The images from the shoot were to be used in the promotion of their upcoming album The Hydras Tailor.  They wanted to shoot to be able to go alongside the artwork for the album, and after seeing the artwork I was pretty excited for this shoot.  Given the reasonably short notice for the shoot, we struggled to find a suitable (and affordable) location for this shoot.  So, we opted to do the shoot in a cafe and composite the images.  I already knew exactly how I wanted these images to look, and had the perfect image for the background of the photos.  The images below are the result….















About the images


I, and everyone involved, are extremely pleased with the results of this shoot.  I knew heading into it exactly what lighting I wanted to use.  I wanted something on the darker side, sinister even.  So I went with what’s called split lighting as my key light and then added one rim light on the opposite side to separate the darkness from the background.  I had this image of woods by my house that I took ages ago but have never used until now.  I then just applied a lot of blur to the image to get the look that I wanted.  With the initial PR release after the shoot, these images were found all over the internet, but most important on the Metal Hammer website.


Which of these is your favourite?  My would be the group without hoods and then the individual shot of Michele (beard).





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