Strike a Pose! Yoga Advertising Photography

The Brief


Back in November 2014, I was commissioned by Cambridge based yoga company CamYoga to shoot images for their 2014-2015 advertising campaigns.  The brief for the shoot was simple.  We wanted to capture “everyday” people doing yoga, or trying to do yoga.  Part of the brief was that we wanted imperfect yoga.  We wanted something that captured the real essence of yoga…that you aren’t going to be able to hold and perform some of the more complicated poses.  Mind you, we made sure that correct posture and technique was used, but we wanted our models to not quite make some of the poses.  This made the shoot a lot of fun for the models as they found it fun and rather funny to try and perform poses that were outside of their abilities.  This was going to provide CamYoga with advertising images that their audience could connect with, and most importantly something they could aspire to and see themselves doing.


When shooting these images, it was important that I remembered the advertising campaigns that they were going to be used for.  The most important of these was the bus shelter campaign that they were going to run.  These images needed to be clean of clutter and focus on the models and any copy that was placed on them.  For this, I opted to shoot the images on a grey background as this gave us a neutral background that wouldn’t distract from the important aspects of the ad…the models and the copy.  For the other images, we used a purple background and a wooden floor.  These images were going to be used both on their website as well as other print campaigns.  The purple tied in nicely with the branding for CamYoga and would give them something different to what you see in yoga advertising imagery.


The Images


A lot of the images lose some of their impact without seeing the finished article.  Because of this, I have also included below a couple of tear sheets of the images in use.  One is a PDF supplied by CamYoga of one of the bus shelter campaigns, and the other is a scan from their brochure.  After that, I have posted a few of the images before use.  Hope you enjoy!














The Result


The images have seen CamYoga advertising campaigns so successful that they have extended their bus shelter campaign until the end of 2015.  If you are out and about in Cambridge, you can see many of these images throughout the city on various bus shelters.  They have also commissioned me for a second round of images to be shot in June 2015…those should be equally as fun!!