Tea with Teddy

There’s nothing better than watching children play with their toys.   This is especially true when they are actively using their imagination and bringing their toys to life.  It was while I was playing with my son and his lego’s that the idea for this photo came to me.  Our Lego mini figures were involved in a rather detailed story line and I was amazed at how complex my sons imagination could be.  He has a stuffed teddy that he absolutely loves, and I wondered what it would look like in my sons mind if he were to have tea with Teddy.


In my mind, Teddy would be bigger.  Lifesize, so that my son and Teddy could do more things together.  This meant that I would have to make this photo as a composite image, in order to make Teddy bigger.  I also wanted the photo to have an advertising feel to it.  Something that would fit in an advertising campaign for a tea company, or a children’s advertisement of some kind.  With this in mind, I left room for copy and text and photographed it from an angle that would be pleasing when used in an advertising campaign.  I photographed my son exactly where you see him in the photo, doing exactly what you see him doing, just without a life size version of Teddy.  I then photographed Teddy on a grey background so that I could easily place him into the scene.  Viola!  Life size Teddy to have tea with!


Childrens Advertising Photographer London UK George Fairbairn Photography www.gfphoto.co.uk


Creating this photo was rather easy.  The hardest aspect was posing Teddy and then cutting him out in PhotoShop.  Because of all the fur, this was a little more difficult than most cutouts.


What do you think?  What other toys should I do this with?