Narrow Plains London Band Shoot

Someone recently pointed out that a lot of the bands that I photograph are three piece bands.  In sticking with that tradition, I was contacted a few weeks ago by London based, three piece acoustic band Narrow Plains!  Narrow Plains are a fun, energetic, and poppy acoustic band based in London…if you haven’t heard of them, you need to check them out here.


When Stu from Narrow Plains contacted me for their shoot, he already had a good idea for the location of the shoot…and man was it an awesome location.  The band wanted to do their shoot at Leadenhall Market in London.  I personally had never been to Leadenhall Market before, and looking at images of it online I was extremely excited for this shoot!  Leadenhall Market is such an amazing looking market and since we were planning this shoot to be at night, I was confident it was going to make for some amazing images.


When we arrived for the shoot, we were all pleasantly surprised to find a hidden gem of a location within Leadenhall Market.  Just off one of the main roads, was a little alley where they had installed hundreds of books suspending over the road.  We all instantly knew that we NEEDED to shoot here….so we did!


London Band Photographer George Fairbairn www.gfphoto.co.uk


The ceiling of books looked awesome in person.  But they really made these photos even better than they were already going to be.  It also really fit the bands music and image, giving us a win win location for our shoot.  We really wanted to show that Narrow Plains aren’t a heavy band, but they also aren’t your typical acoustic band….so we went for a look that was slightly edgy, but also a look that showed they weren’t a heavy band.  I do think the addition of the books on the ceiling really helped us nail this look as I was able to give the photo more dramatic lighting without the fear of making them into a metal band.  😀


Narrow Plains - London band and musician photographer George Fairbairn www.gfphoto.co.uk



As this was the first location at Leadenhall Market that we shot it, we hadn’t even used the main area that we were originally planning on using.  We absolutely had to use it, so once we were satisfied with the images under the books, we moved all of our equipment into the main hall of Leadenhall Market.  It was rather late on a Sunday evening, so we didn’t have any people shopping to worry about.  This meant that I was able to take my time to ensure everything was perfect in our shots.  Leadenhall Market is so amazing, that I had to ensure that I got it just right.  The composition of the band, and making sure they were still the focus of the image, whilst trying to ensure that we got the glorious and glamorous market in the background as well…and ensuring that the two were in harmony with each other.


London Band and Musician Photographer George Fairbairn www.gfphoto.co.uk


Needless to say, the band were over the moon with the photos.  They captured their attitude and music perfectly, whilst giving us extremely unique looking photos for a London based band.  The locations really helped to make the image stand out from the crowd.


Which of the three images is your favourite?  Let us know in the comments!

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