Advertising Photographer of the Year 2014!

Well, what can I say?  2014 was already a pretty awesome year as far as my photography and my business is concerned.  But, on Saturday January 17th 2015 it got even better.  I know, I know…that’s a date in 2015, but bear with me!  You see, on that night I was awarded the award of Advertising Photographer of the Year 2014!  How amazing is that?!  Pretty amazing, and I really can’t believe it.

You see, advertising portraits is what I specialise in.  Of all the different categories that are awarded, Advertising Photographer of the Year is the one that I truly coveted the most.  It makes all the late nights drawing ideas, editing images, and generally trying to push my own boundaries worth it!  It’s not the only thing mind you, my customers and clients do this for me on a regular basis.  But, it’s extremely humbling and awesome to have this hard work recognised by your peers!

Anyone that knows me, knows that while I am an extremely confident person, I am not when it comes to things like this.  I was up against a tremendous advertising photographer (and friend) Dave Wall for the award and was convinced I wasn’t going to win.  When they read my name out as the winner everything went a bit surreal.  I honestly don’t remember what music was playing as I walked towards the stage, and I don’t remember what was being said on stage about my image.  Thankfully I was recording it on my phone.  I do have the audio, but not much video.  See, I was recording at the time, but when my name was read I just put my phone done… so my phone recorded blackness while I went on stage!  At least I have the audio though!  lol…. I told you, it was a bit surreal!  😀

To receive the award for this particular image as well is extremely awesome.  This image was the “key” image for an advertising campaign for a company called Kidspace.  It was an important image, but it was also the hardest image I have ever created.  It is a composite image and took a tremendous amount of planning…and courage.  I am afraid of heights, and in order to photograph the background for this image I had to be up on scaffolding 30+ feet in the air!  I couldn’t just run up there and grab the shot either.  Because it was going to be a composite I had to take my time, set up my tripod and ensure that the height and composition were right…otherwise the image wouldn’t work.  We then spent a day in the studio photographing our child models, again ensuring that the height and perspective I was shooting at was correct for the image.  Editing was actually quite simple, just time consuming when you are putting 10 people into one image!

The resulting image was one that I instantly fell in love with, as did my client!



To see more of the my advertising photography work, check out the portfolio page.  If you have any questions, want to talk about your next project, or just want to meet up for a cup of coffee please get in touch!!

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[…] The above image is the image where I was up on scaffolding!  As you can see from the image, I was quite high in the air when I took the photograph of the background.  Creating this as a composite was the only realistic way that we were going to create the image Kidspace envisioned…and definitely the safest way!  This image was also the image for which I won Advertising Photographer of the Year 2014. […]