Professional Photographer of the Year 2014 Runner Up

Location Lighting – 2nd Place Professional Photographer of the Year 2014


I am REALLY late in posting this, but I haven’t had a “down” day in the office for quite some time!  But, in case you haven’t heard, the results of the Professional Photographer Magazine annual Photographer of the Year competition have been announced!  I am extremely delighted to say that I was awarded 2nd place in the Location Lighting category for this image!

Professional Photographer of the Year Runner Up 2014



This was one of my favourite shoots this year.  Mostly because we not only had an absolutely stylish musician to shoot, but we also did the shoot in a really old pub.  So old, that if you look closely enough at the photo you will see the floor is crooked.  That, honestly, drove me a little nuts when I was editing because everything is straight, except for the floor!  But, there isn’t a whole lot I can do about an old building!


A lot of people seem to know me more for my composite photography work, but location lighting is what I really do most of the time!  Sometimes people think my on location portraits are actually composites when they aren’t…this one being an example of that.  I don’t really mind, they are both areas in which I specialise and areas in which I am very confident in my abilities!  😀


On the day of the Professional Photographer of the Year awards dinner, I did make this little video….. have a look.




So there you have it!  Obviously, I would have preferred to win Location Lighting, and of course the overall winner.  But, I can’t complain on getting 2nd place in a massive international competition such as this!