Schwartzkopf Press Event London

Schwartzkopf Selfie Expert


This last week I was hired for not only one of the coolest jobs in a while, but also one of the most unique.  Thanks to this selfie, I was found by Signal TV and asked to be a selfie expert at a press event for Schwartzkopf.  Now everyone knows who Schwartzkopf is, and if you don’t you must have been living in a cave!  Schwartzkopf are one of the worlds leading hair care companies, everything from hair dye, through to hair spray and even hair powder.  On the flip side, a lot of people may not have heard of Signal TV.  But, you most certainly know their work!  Signal TV is a creative agency based in London and anyone who has watched How I Met You Mother, or Big Brother will have seen the Schwartzkopf “Idents” that Signal TV have done.  You know the ones, “How I Met Your Mother is brought to you by Powderful” etc…you know what I am talking about.


So what does getting hired to be a “selfie expert” entail you ask?  Well, let me just say it was a lot of fun!  Essentially on the day, Schwartzkopf were running a press event where different press and media were invited to the event and once there they would have a look at the new products that Schwartzkopf were launching.  They were then offered a quick hair makeover and after their make over it was my job to help them take the perfect selfie!  Easy right?  Actually it really was.  Being a professional photographer, I am used to directing people on how to pose to make themselves look as good as possible.  This was absolutely no different and everyone really enjoyed it and not only took great selfies on the night, but if they remember what I taught them they will be taking great selfies in the future.


One of the highlights of the day was that Schwartzkopf brand ambassador Armin Morbach was there.  Armin has been the brand ambassador for Schwartzkopf for many years and is known for his absolutely amazing hair styling skills (he is also a photographer).  Armin was a great character and during a little bit of down time randomly started styling one of the other stylists hair as she was having a cup of coffee!!  (image below taken on my phone).


Armin Morbach at Schwartzkopf event London



All in all it was a really fun day!  Anyone that has worked with me, or been to a training workshop of mine, knows that I really love talking.  This job gave me that opportunity, a lot!  Even the people that were self proclaimed “selfie haters” took a selfie with my guidance and will take a lot more now that they know how to make themselves look good in a selfie!!


Till next time!