What Camera Do You Use

What Camera Do You Use?


I get asked this question quite often, and decided it was time to address it in one post.  With my new found love of video blogging, I decided to do a video answering this question.




For those that don’t want (or can’t) to watch the video, I will give you a little rundown on my answer.


Your Camera isn’t Important!


In short, your camera isn’t important.  I currently shoot with a Nikon D300s.  This is not a “professional” camera, it’s what’s called a bridge camera.  That area that bridges amateur DSLR’s and professional DSLR’s.  I have shot editorial and international advertising campaigns on this camera.  Your camera doesn’t matter.  Your camera doesn’t provide the composition, the lighting, or the creativity and vision that makes a good photograph.  Your camera is merely the tool that captures your vision.


Sure, there are some instances where a new, perhaps “better”, camera will improve your photography…or the end product.  The only situations I can think of though are sports photographers and perhaps wedding photographers.  This is because the only “real” improvement the camera manufacturers make on their new models are frames per second (fps) and low light performance.  Most of the times though, these improvements are minuscule and not worth the thousands it would cost to upgrade.


Learn, and your pictures will be better


A new camera isn’t going to make your photography better.  Sorry, it just isn’t.  What makes a good photo?  Composition, lighting, creativity and vision.  All things your camera cannot provide.  So, instead of upgrading your camera (or worry that your camera isn’t good enough) spend your money learning.  You can never stop learning, and I still attend workshops and continue to learn.  Once you feel that you have nothing more the learn, it’s time to hang up the camera and give up.  That might sound harsh, but if that’s what you think you have lost the passion you once had for photography.  Always learn, continue to learn and your photography will be better.  What camera you shoot it on….well, that simply doesn’t matter!



Your Thoughts?


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