September Photography Awards 2014

September Awards


October has been a very busy month, with a lot of time being dedicated to planning shoots and training workshops for next year.  Because of that, I haven’t had a chance to post the results from the September photography competition!  I completely forgot to enter the August competition, which annoys me tremendously.  But, it happens!  At least I remembered to enter the September competition and here are the results!


Gold – Children


Children Advertising Photographer


The above image is another from my advertising shoot for Kidspace.  The Kidspace shoot has led to a few gold awards already this year… such as this one, and this one.  There was just something about this shoot that lent itself to me creating awesome images.  Part of it was the brief from the client, and another was just the list of shots we had to get.  Every shot lent itself to creating an amazing, award winning image and there have been a few already.


Speaking of Kidspace…




While this Kidspace image didn’t win Gold, it was Highly Commended.  I think that all of the Kidspace advertising photos that I have entered into the competitions have been Gold or Highly Commended, with Golds being more often.  This was one of the images on the shot list that I was most excited for.  It was going to be a challenge, no doubt about it, but I love a good challenge!  If you can’t tell, the image is a composite.  The children were all photographed in the studio and I spent another day out at the two Kidspace locations taking the image to use as background photos.  Doing composite for advertising photography is something that I do often, and really because of ease.  For a shoot like this, it was going to be a lot easier to have all the kids in a studio, away from the distractions of the Kidspace play areas, and we wouldn’t have to worry about disrupting other customers at Kidspace.  It also saved us time in having to transport equipment and models between two locations.


Emotional Composites




This image was the result of two different times and ideas.  The model, Loretta, was photographed during one of my composite photography training workshops.  The location is an amazing building in Shoreditch.  I never had anything that really “fit” the location…until I did this photo of Loretta during a workshops I was giving.  The image was Highly Commended, and seeing it now there are two little things that kept it from being Gold.



In Conclusion

I have a couple of video blogs to post on here, and a LOT of editing to do, but you will see a lot more on the blog here in the next week or so!


What of these images if your favourite?  Please tell me in the comments below!