5 Best Advertising Photos September 2014

5 Best Advertising Photos September 2014


It’s that time of the month!  September has been a bit of a manic month for me, a month that has seen me travelling all over the UK and the Channel Islands for various speaking engagements.  But, I am back and getting caught up and what a better place to pick up then with the 5 Best Advertising Photos post?


I have to admit, September was a bit of a tricky one.  I think overall the choices I had to choose from have been the weakest, in my opinion, yet.    The choosing of the photos to appear here is completely down to personal taste, though I do have some criteria that I look at to help me decide.


  • Impact – does it grab and hold the viewers attention?
  • Message – does it have a clear message?
  • Relevance – is it relevant to the target market?

With all that being said, let’s roll on to the images.


PS – these are in absolutely no order.


1.  Leisure Foods – Tribes




I am not going to lie, the concept of this photo is extremely similar to my Pasta Heads series which I started about a year ago.  But, that aside, it’s a great ad.  It definitely catches the eye and it’s relevant to the target market.


Advertising Agency – TWBA London 


Photographer – Julia Kennedy


2.  Tribanco Concerts




There is a lot to like about this advertising photo.  I love the strap line (which I have translated for you).  “Masters of music aren’t born every day, but they play every year.
Season 2014 of the Tribanco Concerts”.  Couple that with the image and you have a great ad that hits and resonates with the target market.


Advertising Agency – Agencia Sic, Brazil


Photographer – Erich Gebhardt


3.  Harman Kardon – Headphones




Another pretty funny photo, and an impactful one!  It’s a bit of a stretch on it’s relevance aspect, though you get it once you see what the ad and strap line are.


Advertising Agency – Mcann Erikson, India


Photographer – Amol Jadhav


4.  Diesel – Help Hipsters




Now this is just a funny ad.  An eye catching ad.  An extremely relevant ad in terms of it’s social message and illustration.  What’s not to love about it honestly?


Advertising Agency – Imaginarte, Alicante, Spain


Photographer – Jose Campbello


5.  Science World – Onsie




Another great, funny image that is eye catching, relevant and has a good message.


Advertising Agency – Rethink Canada


Photographer – Clinton Hussey





Of all the images I chose in my 5 Best Advertising Photos for September, the clear winner for me is the Onsie image.  It’s funny, it has impact, and it has relevance.  Which is your favourite?  Leave it below in the comments!