5 Best Advertising Photos August 2014

5 Best Advertising Photos August 2014

It’s time for my favourite post of the month!  In case you are new to this series, every month I scour the internet (by scouring the internet I really mean Ads of the World) looking for the best advertising photos that I can find.  It’s a tough job, as there are literally thousands of amazing print ads created each month, but someone has to do it!   To summarise what I look for when deciding on my favourite advertising photos:

  • Impact – does it grab and hold the viewers attention?
  • Message – does it have a clear message?
  • Relevance – is it relevant to the target market?

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!  (These are in no particular order)

1.  Cia Athletica Eagle

Cia Athletica Advertising-Photography-1


Advertising Agency  – Portal Publicidade

Photographer – Guto Bordoni 

There is a lot about this ad that I love.  The first obvious thing is that it fits my style perfectly.  This is exactly the sort of photography that I adore!  Beyond my personal preference for the style of the photo, it’s just a brilliant ad!  They have a clearly defined target market and are displaying a message that relates directly to that target market.  It is a photo that would make anyone stop and look and the impact is sure to resonate with their target customer.


2.  Odessa Poissonnier – Leo

Odessa Poissonnier Advertising-Photography-2

Advertising Agency – Gordon & Son Montreal

Photographer – Daniel Cianfarra

Another really great photo that is impactful and makes you stop and look at it.  I mean, who wouldn’t stop and look at this kid shaving?  No one, that’s who!  It’s a bold ad for a fish catering company, but it definitely has impact.  Now, as for relevance?  Perhaps that is a bit of a stretch on this one.  But, I think it would be an effective ad if I lived in Montreal and needed catering!  😀


3.  Variety The Childrens Charity – Stairs

Variety Charity Advertising-Photography-3

Advertising Agency – Rethink 

Photographer – Clinton Hussey

A strong image and a strong ad with a strong message.  Not a lot really needs to be said about this one as the advertisement is so good it does all the talking.


4.  Galileu Magazine: Yell

Galileu Magazine Advertising-Photography-4

Advertising Agency – Africa Brazil

Photographer – Guto Nobrega

It’s funny, it’s compelling, and it has relevance to the target market.  I really love this ad and think the photography is brilliant as well.


5.  George Fairbairn Photography

Driving-Business-Advertising Photography

Photographer – George Fairbairn

I had to include one of my own in this months post.  Only because, well, it IS a pretty awesome advertising photo!   It has impact, a clear message, and relevance!



It was actually quite hard to pick 5 for August.  A lot of the advertising had great photography but the rest of the ad wasn’t very good.  There was also a brilliant one for Shutterstock, but I can’t post that on good conscious!   Which one if your favourite?