July Photographer Awards 2014

Photographer Awards July 2014

I need to apologise for not keeping up on this!  I have been so busy with shoots and creating new and exciting blog posts, that I have completely neglected the awards blog.  I believe the last one I posted was for the April competition, and there have been three since then.  This post will be on the July awards and I may go back to May and June at some point, but it might just be too late for that!   I have been so busy this year that I am finding myself entering some rather old images into the monthly competitions, but they are images that I feel deserve to be entered and they are just in a long queue of images waiting on their turn!  😀  July was no different with quite a few old images being entered with some dating back quite a few months.  But, that’s how it goes sometimes!

The Gold Award

Unfortunately I only received one Gold award this month.  I know, I know.  I should be happy with that, and I am!  But, as a photographer I really strive to have every image I create be a Gold winning image.  This month my Gold image comes from a shoot that was a few months ago for Kidspace in London.  I have won a Gold on a couple of images from that shoot previously, and there are just so many good images from that shoot that we will probably be seeing some more of them throughout the year.   Kidspace-Advertising-Photographer-Award-Winning

This image was an extremely fun image to create.  The idea was to create fun, aspirational advertising images for Kidspace to use in advertising both of their London locations.  The shoot was done in two parts.  Part one was to go to both the Romford and Croydon locations and shoot images that we could use as background images.  We then booked a day in the studio and spent all day photographing the kids and I later composited the images together in Photoshop to create the final advertising photos.

This image though was a little unique.  It was done in the same way but we had to make sure that the end result looked realistic.  At the Romford location we shot the background that you see.  We had someone load up the ball hopper and press the button to release them.  This took quite a few takes to get just the right amount of movement on the balls as they fell.  We didn’t want them to be frozen in the air, but we also didn’t want long streaks either.  After a couple of dumps we got the shot we needed.  In the studio we wanted to make sure that we captured an authentic look and most importantly a great expression.  What did we do?  We brought some of the balls from Kidspace and had the company director stand on a ladder and dump the balls onto the girl!  As you can see from her expression she absolutely loved it and it helped me combine the images together into an image that looks as though it took place as you see it.  In a sense it did, but not really!  It really helped that I had a clear vision in my head for the finished image and we absolutely nailed it.  It makes my job easy as a photographer when I have the finished image clearly defined in my head.  I am really pleased that the judges recognised all of the elements of this photo that make it a great advertising photo.

The Highly Commended


This image was created under my Extraordinary Portraits brand.  Extraordinary Portraits is all about creating unique, luxury, bespoke portraits for people and their families and with this image, the family wanted an image that would act as an advertising image for their family.  They love travel and adventure and their son is obsessed with cars and music.  The image is perfect in my opinion and I was a little bummed not to achieve Gold with it.  Perhaps it was in the wrong category, perhaps it was just a little too contemporary!  Who knows.  I love it, and more importantly the family love it!  😀



This image comes from part of the family cosplay shoot that I did awhile back.  Again, this is another shoot where I have quite a few good images from and it is taking a few months to get all the images entered into the competition.  Speaking of the cosplay family, you really should check them out.  They are called The Super Maians and the effort and dedication that they put into cosplay is second to none!  Anyways, this image was Highly Commended in the monochrome category.  I think it was probably just a little bit to dark.  Not much else is really wrong with the image from a technical point of view and looking at it now, I would say it’s just too dark.  Live and learn!


So there you have my award winning images from July 2014.  Really pleased that my Kidspace image won Gold and the hard work from that shoot was so worth it.  I think any photographer would be happy and proud of that image.  If I had to pick a shoot of the year so far, Kidspace would be it.  We created so many great advertising images and I can’t wait to be able to share more with you.   What image from these three is your favourite and why?  Tell us in the comments!!