5 Best Advertising Photos July 2014

It’s that time of month again!  Probably the blog post I look most forward to every month.  The time when I trawl through the inter webs to find my personal favourite advertising photos from around the globe.  As always, I mostly just look through the amazing website www.adsoftheworld.com to find the advertising photos that I include in my post.


To summarise, what I look for when looking through the images to determine the “best” advertising photos.

  • Impact – does it grab and hold the viewers attention?
  • Message – does it have a clear message?
  • Relevance – is it relevant to the target market?

So, let’s get this party started!!


1.  Las Vegas Uncork’d




Advertising Agency – R&R Partners Las Vegas

Photographer – Art Strieber


What’s not to love about this photo?  It is certainly engaging and has impact.  It has depth that makes you want to look closer at the photo to see the different stories that are happening.  It shows the fun, glamorous life that Las Vegas in renowned for and certainly will resonate with the target market.  Besides having everything great needed for a good advertisement, it’s also just a great photo in it’s own right!


2.  Velform – Bring Back Your Pride




Advertising Agency – Dentsu Plus, Bangkok

Photographer – Anuchai Secharunputong


An advertising photo full of impact, in fact the whole series from Velform is awesome and makes you step back and look at the photo.  For those that are balding (thankfully I am not in that category) I am sure this ad strikes home, and strikes home hard.  Besides the great advertising quality of this, it’s a great classic portrait with good lighting and composition.  I love it!


3.  Garigista – Ramones




Advertising Agency – Fox2P, Cape Town

Photographer – Bryan Traylor


This is an ad with a clearly defined target market, and it is poking fun at current culture at the same time.  I probably fall right into this market as I was a Ramones fan when I was younger!  It pokes fun at current culture where you see many people out wearing a Ramones t-shirt and they probably wouldn’t be able to tell you who they are.  I also like the selfie touch added to the image.  All in all it’s a great advertising photo!


4.  Rubbermaid – Republican




Advertising Agency – Miami Ad School, New York

Photographer – Nadar Alsaeed


Now here is a series that is chock full of impact, and quite frankly big, huge, massive balls!  Have a look at the whole series here.  All three of these tackle hugely divisive and controversial topics.  Do they have any real relevance to the target market?  Perhaps little, perhaps none.  But, the ads are so controversial and so impactful that people will remember them, they will talk about them.  It’s a ballsy move, but one that could be amazing!


5.  Pasta Heads


Pasta Heads Conceptual Advertising Photography Audrey Hepburn


Advertising Agency – Personal Project (but feel free to contact me for more like this for your campaign!)

Photographer – George Fairbairn


Yes, it is one of my own photos this month.  And yes, it’s from a personal project and not really an advertising campaign.  But, the entire Pasta Heads series is about creating impactful advertising style photos.  This photo ticks all the boxes you would be looking for in a great advertising photo.  Compelling and impactful?  Yes.  Message…well maybe not so much in the photo alone, but with the right advertising agency working on it, the strap line could be very good.  Relevance?  Yes, anyone that loves cooking or cooking pasta would be able to appreciate the entire series!  I love it, of course I do!  😀




This was a month were it was actually a little bit harder for me to find the images I wanted to feature.  It seemed to be a month full of illustration and not a lot of photography.  But, I found 5 very worthy entrants for July.  Hard to say which is my favourite, besides my own.  If I had to choose one besides the Pasta Heads image, I would probably go with the Rubbermaid one purely based on it’s ballsyness.


Which is your favourite and why?  Post below in the comments!