Life on Tour! Composite Training Workshops

Making the Impossible, Possible

At the beginning of July I went on a three day training tour with The Societies around the Southeast of England.  For this tour, I was teaching how to create seemingly impossible composite images.  Creating composite images is something that I have done for quite awhile now, and it is also something I absolutely love teaching in training.  Part of the reason that I love using composites as a training workshop is because I see too many bad composites out there that could be good with some simple fixes.  The vast majority of the work involved in creating a composite image is the planning.  This, unfortunately, is often the part that gets neglected when you see bad, or unrealistic composite images…and that was what the bulk of my tour workshops were about.

Plan, Plan, and then plan some more

As I mentioned, planning is the most crucial step in creating a composite image.  Some of the things we discussed during my training tour were…

  • Height and Perspective
  • Lighting
  • Planning for objects and additions

The last one is the most complicated one, and one that I only fully demonstrated on the last day of the tour.  It’s something that won’t come into your composite images until you are ready to add quirkiness and complication to your images.  What is means is the plan for your subjects to be holding an object, or interacting with an object in some way.  There are so many things that need to be accounted for in order for it to work!  The first two, height and perspective, and lighting, and things that everyone will need to account for when creating even the most simple of composites, but they are the most crucial elements!

Take your shot, and edit

Most people are surprised at how easy the next two are.  But, if you planned correctly then shooting and editing are almost no different than when you take a location portrait.  Sure you have cutouts to do in photoshop, but if everything was planned correctly putting your subject into your scene will be seamless and easy!

What did we do?

So, over three days in three different locations we created three different images.  I am going to post below the last two images as they are my favourites from the training tour….   King-Fu-Loretta-small   This image was created at our training workshop in Sevenoaks, Kent.  This is one of those images I wished I had more time though as there are lots of things I would have added to this image to give it more story.  However, when you are doing a training workshop, you have to be conscious of the time and the difficulty of what you are teaching.  Because of this, I didn’t add the other elements.  Saying that though, when I get more time I may shoot those other elements and add them to this photo!   001-small


This image was created on the last day of the tour, just outside of Cambridge.  When I saw these luggage trolly’s I instantly thought of this photo.  I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and I think I achieved that with this image.


Van Selfies

There was even some time whilst driving between workshops for a little van selfie!  We were stuck in traffic on the M25, as you do, and decided we needed one!




If you would like to learn more about the training and 1-2-1 training that I offer, please visit our training page.   We are always looking for new places to hold workshops, so if you would like a workshop in your area, please let us know and we will see what we can do to arrange that.

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