Urbanz Headphones McDonalds Promotion

I know, I know.  The McDonalds Monopoly promotion ended months ago.  But, earlier in the year I had done some product photography for the Urbanz range of Neon headphones and those headphones were a prize in the Monopoly game.  This also happened last year, but last year the only picture of the headphones in any of the marketing material was on the Monopoly card itself.  This year, that was different.  If you went into a McDonald’s during the Monopoly game period, you almost certainly saw my photos of the Neon headphones, as seen below.   Neon-headphones product photography   I was really pleased to see this posted on the Urbanz website.  Things are really picking up for Urbanz and many of the advertising photos that I have done for them over the last two years have found their way onto various forms of advertising around the globe.  Hopefully we will start seeing more and more as the company continues to grow and expand.   Did anyone win a pair of the headphones? Did anyone see this banner in your McDonalds?