5 Best Advertising Photos of June 2014

It’s that time of the month again!  The time when I share the 5 best advertising photos that I have found around the internet, ok usually I just have a look at Ads of the World as it is an amazing website for this sort of thing.  As always, these are in no particular order and really come down to personal taste.  Having said that though, there are certain things that I look for when picking my top 5 advertising photos.

  • Impact – does it grab and hold the viewers attnetion
  • Message – does it have a clear message for the viewer
  • Relevance – is it relevant to the target market


So without further ado…


1.  Rothammer Beer – Chile




Advertising Agency – Prolam Y&R in Santiago, Chile

Photographer – David Calderon


There is a lot to like about this ad.  It is full of impact and would make you stop and look to see what exactly is going on.  It also has a rather tongue in cheek message about losing a friend to love, something which everyone has experienced at some time or another.  I definitely love the tongue in cheek nature of this ad, and the photography is brilliant and perfect.


2.  Pompis Extra Absorption – Ecuador




Advertising Agency – McCann Ecuador

Photographer – Unknown


There is a lot to like about this ad, a LOT!  It’s quite funny, especially if you have kids.  The strap line of “less absorption, less time for you” just makes it even funnier.  As a parent myself, I would have totally bought some Pompis nappies if I had seen this ad here in the UK, without a doubt.  Having once been in the target market for this ad, it resonates with me and that makes it a great ad.


3.  3M Lint Roller – China




Advertising Agency – Publicis

Photographer – Tim Flach


Again, another image the resonates with me as I am definitely a part of the target market here.  Anyone that has ever owned a pet can relate to this ad, and that is what makes it powerful and effective.  Add to it, the amazing photography with the dogs expression and you have a cracking advertising photo.


4.  Huffy – USA




Advertising Agency – Brunner US

Photographer – Tom Cwenar


This is an ad that strikes at it’s target market clearly and effectively.  It’s obvious from the photography and the strap line just who this ad is aimed at, and it does a fantastic job of hitting that market.  Besides the great photography and retouching, the idea and the direction is perfect and it creates a good ad full of impact.


5.  Yoshinhan Aikido – Malaysia




Advertising Agency – Naga DDB

Photographer – Chubcheevit Studio


Another ad that does a fantastic job and striking impact with it’s target market.  Self defense for women is something you don’t see advertised in such a strong way, and this image capitalises on that in a big way.  The image is full of impact, meaning, and story.  People within the target market would definitely take notice and the ad would leave an impression upon them.



So there you have my 5 favourite advertising photos for June 2014.  Out of these, I would have to say my favourite is the Pompis nappies ad.  It’s just very funny, and hits it’s target market in a creative and funny way.


What’s your favourite of these 5?  Seen one I missed?  Let me know!