5 Best Advertising Photos of May 2014

If you haven’t seen it yet, I started a monthly blog where I highlight some of my personal favourite photography from the world of advertising.  This is the second instalment of that series, so be sure you check out the first one here!   My original plan was to just highlight my all time favourite advertising photos, but with so many awesome photos coming out every month I decided to make this a smaller, monthly post instead.  Do enjoy, and if you see something that I haven’t posted, but thinks it deserves a mention let us know!


PS – these are not in any particular order.  They are just my 5 favourites for the month of May.


Disclaimer – Not all of these photos are my photos.  I just highlight my favourite advertising photos from around the world each month and make sure I credit the photographer responsible when I can..and occasionally some of my own advertising photos do make this list…I am allowed to be biased towards my own work after all.   So be sure to check out the advertising photography services we can offer you as well.


1. Net Wireless Brazil Advertising Campaign




Advertising Agency:  Unknown – I have found credit to the Miami Ad School Rio de Janeiro though.



Unfortunately I cannot find who the photographer was for this photo.  You can see the photo and a little more information on it over at Ads of the World.  There are many things to love about this photo.  The composition is awesome, the message of the ad is extremely clear, it’s funny, and it’s engaging.  Everything you want from an advertising photo.  I, personally, love how they brought the idea of wireless communication inside and into everyday life.  This is something that is extremely relevant and prevalent in today’s wireless, connected to everything all the time, society.


2.  Pedigree Dentastix Advertising Campaign




Advertising Agency:  BBDO Germany

Photographer:  Murat Aslan


I absolutely love this photo!  It’s clear that the concept behind this photo was from the dog beard selfie fad that was going around a month or so ago.  But, Pedigree have taken the dog beard selfie, and turned it into something awesome, funny, and a little disturbing at the same time.  It’s brilliant!


Photographer was Murat Aslan, and you can view the other images from the Pedigree Dentastix campaign by Murat here. 


3.  Volkswagen Dynamic Light Advertising Campaign




Advertising Agency:  DDB Tribal Berlin

Photographer(s): Arthur Mebius and Waldmann Solar


I thought about this image for a long time before deciding to include it in this post.  The reason I couldn’t decide is that at first, you really don’t see what it being advertised at first, but once you do get it you realise that it’s a pretty funny, and memorable ad.  All of the Dynamic Light Assist campaign photos are quite funny, but I thought this one was the best.


4.  Breakbounce Streewear Advertising Campaign




Advertising Agency:   Arun Shyamala Kumar Creative Consultancy

Photographer:  Martin Prihoda

Retoucher:  Featherwax

I actually first saw this photo over at Behance at the retouchers page, Featherwax.  When I saw the image, I was just floored by it.  It is everything I love in a good advertising photo.  It is compelling, interesting, it highlights the product, Breakbounce streetwear, and it is aspirational.  People will look at this photo and think they want to be as awesome as these guys are.  A great photo, taken by Martin Prihoda.


5.  Kidspace Advertising Campaign


Kidspace Advertising Photography



Photographer:  George Fairbairn

So I have to be a little biased and include one of my most recent advertising campaign shots.  My client, Kidspace Adventures, were over the moon with all the shots we did for them.  They wanted fun, dynamic images to advertise their two locations in London.  Everything was shot over 3 different days and there are a lot more photos from this campaign that I will share over the coming months.  😀




After seeing our top 5 advertising photos of May, which is your favourite?  I could be extremely biased and say that my own is the favourite.  But, I really love the Pedigree Dentastix photo.  It’s a brilliant use of a current fad/trend and incorporating it into an advertising campaign.  It will resonate with a huge audience and I just love it.


Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!