April Photography Awards – Advertising and Portraits

Every month, I enter The Societies monthly image competition.  It’s a fantastic way to not only win some awards, but have your images judged by your peers and see how they stack up with others.  One of the great aspects, for me at least, is the competitive nature of it.  I am naturally a pretty competitive person, and whenever I don’t win something it pushes me on to improve until I win.  Even when I do win something, I increase my goals so that I have something more to aim for.   One category in the competition that has always eluded me is the advertising photography category.  Even though this is an area where I do a lot of my work, I just hadn’t been able to get that gold award I wanted so badly.  I had gotten close a few times, but never reached my goal.  I think part of the reason is that my advertising photos are just a bit different than those that are usually entered into this category.  You usually see amazing product photography, or car advertisements.  Always awesome photos, but never really what I do in advertising portraiture.  Finally though, April my luck changed.  Well, actually the beginning of May, but the results were for the April competition.   BTW, really sorry this post is so late.  I normally post competition results a day or two after they are announced.  However, May so far has seen me with all sorts of throat and sinus infections (delightful I know), but I have finally started feeling a bit normal again and getting caught up!   So, first the big one!!!  My first ever gold award in advertising photography…..   Creative Award Winning Advertising Photographer Photography   The above image was part of a very large commission for Kidspace Adventures London.  Kidspace have two locations, one if Romford and one if Croydon.  The shoot that we did was over two days with one of those days being spent at both locations taking photos to be used in our finished images.  A week later we were in studio in London for a day photographing the kids.  After many discussions about the shoot, we decided that the best and most efficient way to do the shoot was to do it all as composite images.  Composite images are images that are created from multiple images, and for this project it was the best way forward.   This allowed us to photograph the locations without kids and to have a blank canvas to start with.  It also allowed us to photograph the kids in the studio and create exactly what we wanted in a controlled environment.  Trying to get kids, even if they are models, to do what you want in a fun and exciting play area was going to be next to impossible!!  As a result, it mean the entire project was a long one.  Besides the two days of shooting, there was all the editing that I had to do afterwards.  For each location, we created around 30 composite images to be used in various advertising for Kidspace.  This meant that most of April was spent working on one project, but it was a FUN project and you can see one of the resulting images above.  I will share some more from this project when I can, but for now enjoy that little teaser!


The other Gold award that I received for the month of April was from a personal project I have been working on involving cosplay characters.  I believe that I have posted this image before, but I hadn’t entered it into any competitions until April.   Contemporary-Creative-Advertising-Photographer-Photography   I entered this image into the Portrait Avant Garde category, and it did win a gold!  It is pretty avant garde for a portrait, but it’s badass!!  I still haven’t gotten around to the real reason I am doing this project, but that is mostly down to other commitments with clients, and with this being a personal project it has been put on the back burner for the time being.  But, when I do get around to working on this again it should be worth it!     What do you think of the images?  Leave your comments below!

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