Saving Eliza – Buy a Print, Help Save a Girls Life

Saving Eliza is a campaign started by amazing photographer Benjamin Von Wong and it has already (at the time of writing this post) raised nearly $7000.  The principle is extremely simple, every bit of money raised through the sale of prints from photographer around the world will go to helping Eliza get the treatment she needs.  Photographers are invited to submit work to be put up for sale and help raise money for Eliza.  What makes it even better is that each print is limited to $1000.  This makes each print a limited edition, and there are some truly great prints available through the site.


I have donated my most popular image to help Eliza.  Small prints are available from as little as £18 for a 4×6 and the most expensive prints are £178 for a large 16×24.  This is a global thing, but I can only see the ££ prices when I log in.  I think in US dollars the 4×6 are $25 and the 16×24 are around $200?  There are a host of sizes in between as well.


I have already had two sales at the largest size for this print.  That means that if people continue buying the largest size there are only 4-ish left to purchase!!  Please, help this little girl.


Here is a link directly to my image.


But, please feel free to have a look at some of the other amazing images you can purchase.  I am not asking you to just look at mine, every sale goes to help Eliza.  You can view all the images here.